How do you build a rat wall

How do you build a rat wall

So How do you build a rat wall?How to stop rats? The answers is pest control.

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So how do you build a rat wall?

Rats are known for being agile creatures. While they are considerably larger than mice, rats can still move with impressive speed and climb up even seemingly insurmountable surfaces. They are also adept at swimming and chewing/gnawing their way through any barriers standing between them and potential sources of food and shelter. Rat walls are simple structures designed to prevent rats from burrowing beneath decks, patios, and other outdoor features.

Rat walls are easy to build; you don’t need much experience with DIY construction to build and install an effective rat wall in your garden. If the structure you want to protect sits off the ground, you will need to construct a portion of your rat wall above the ground as well. In any case, you need to dig out a trench around where the rat wall will sit.

Rat walls are usually made from mesh or hardware cloth. The amount of material you need will depend on how big you want the finished wall to be. As well as the mesh, you will also need lath screws to affix the mesh to the main structure and a shovel or other digging implement. If the wall is more than three feet wide, you might also have to use hog rings and an accompanying tool to attach them to the wall.

Dig a trench 

Once you know how big the wall is going to be, the first step is to dig a trench of a corresponding depth. Your trench should be a little bit wider than the lateral measurement of the wall, so you have some leeway when working. In most cases, a trenching machine will make digging significantly easier than using a shovel.

With your trench dug, you then need to attach the rat wall to the existing structure using lathe screws. You need to place the screws near enough to each other that the mesh does not pull away from the structure easily. It’s best to use one continuous piece of mesh on each side. Make sure to bend the mesh out laterally at a 90-degree angle at the bottom to prevent rats from simply digging under it.

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FAQ About Rats And Mice

Can rats swim?

Yes, rats are actually very good swimmers. They can even navigate their way through the sewer pipes and enter your toilet bowl!

Can rats tell if you’re afraid of them?

There is a theory that rats can sense when humans are feeling fearful.

How big can a rat get?

Some rats can get pretty big. The Sumatran bamboo, for example, weighs up to 8 pounds and measures 20 inches in total length – the size of a small housecat! While not as heavy at 3 pounds or longer than 3 feet from nose-to tail (Gambian rat)

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