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No one wants to shop at a business infested with pests. Whether you work in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or even retail; pests in your business premises can spell the beginning of the end.

With more than 13 million people living in the Greater London area, it’s no surprise that so many pests also call this city home. Many business owners operating in London have to contend with pests at some point in their existence, even those who are very particular about keeping their premises clean.

Whether it’s bed bugs or an infestation of ants, there are a million and one potential pest problems that businesses in London might have to contend with. Pest problems can be alarming to both companies and their customers. Fortunately, pest control companies like Bon Accord are on hand to deal with any existing pest control issues you might have, as well as providing advice on how to prevent future outbreaks.

Food Safety Retail Stores Hotels And Restaurants

Good hygiene standards are essential for any business. But few businesses pay as heavy a price as food businesses for lapses in their hygiene standards. The presence of pests on the premises of a food-based business can be utterly disastrous. Customers won’t want to spend money with any food business that has a pest problem. Should a health inspector discover pest issues within any food business, they may well decide to completely close it down.

Bon Accord provides pest control services for food businesses throughout London. Our pest control experts are guaranteed to rid your business of any infestation and eradicate every last pest on your premises. Once our workers are through, your food business will be completely devoid of any pests.

Any kind of pest infestation within a retail store can be devastating for any retail business’s reputation. The stakes aren’t quite as high as they are for a food business, for whom a pest infestation could spell the end of a business. But that doesn’t mean retail stores shouldn’t take pest control seriously. 

Our pest control experts are on standby, ready to provide a professional service throughout London. From nesting birds to scurrying rats, we can rid your retail business of any invading pests that might have decided to make your shop their home.

Like food businesses, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses are dependent upon their image and reputation. Reports of pest sightings within your company will sully both, turning existing customers away and making it difficult to attract new ones. For any hospitality business, proper pest control is absolutely essential.

Bon Accord can deal with even the most problematic pest infestations in a discrete yet comprehensive manner. When our workers are through, your hospitality business is guaranteed to be free from pests. We ensure your customers and staff are safe while enhancing perceptions of your establishment.

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A Cost-Effective Service

Pest control is an essential service for both commercial and residential premises. Like any professional service, pest control costs money. However, it is one of the best investments a business can make. Our reasonably-priced commercial pest control services won’t cost your business nearly as much as an out of control infestation. 

If a customer spots a pest outbreak within your business, you can be confident that social media will hear about it. All it takes is one viral post to trash your business reputation and cause irreversible damage to your brand and reputation. You can be sure that no one is going to make a follow-up post when your business is finally confirmed to be pest-free.

Instead of allowing an easily-treatable pest infestation to harm your business’s reputation, have the problem taken care of professionally and promptly. Bon Accord’s pest control professionals stand ready to help take care of any pest infestation, large or small, within your business. We will find the most cost-effective method of nipping the problem in the bud while ensuring minimal disruption to your day to day operations.

The costs of dealing with any pest infestation will vary according to the specifics of the case. The types of pest you are dealing with, the size of the infestation and the nature and number of treatments required to get rid of them will all affect the price you pay. The sooner you deal with a pest infestation, the cheaper it will be.

Common Pests

In a busy metropolis like London, there are pests, insects, and rodents galore. We aren’t always aware of their presence, but you can be sure they’re there. It is a common misconception that pest infestations only occur within businesses that are unclean or unhygienic. In reality, mice, rats, birds, and insects will all happily make their home within a clean and sterile business. No matter how diligently you clean your building, there will always be cracks, crevices, and other hidden areas where pests can secrete themselves.

Seasonal pests like Ants, bed bugs, flies, and cockroaches all present particular challenges at certain times of the year. Cockroaches are among the most recognisable pests, finding a cockroach in your business can be alarming. They can transmit a range of diseases, from food poisoning to dysentery, and tapeworms.

But not all pests are so small. Larger animals like rodents and birds can also pose significant health hazards for businesses, their staff, and customers. There is an urban myth that Londoners are never more than 6 feet away from a rat. While the truth is not quite this dramatic, there are certainly a lot of rodents living in London.

If you have any concerns about a potential pest infestation within your business, contact us today for a quote. You can reach us by phone or email to discuss the nature of the infestation you are dealing with and how we can help to resolve the issue. Bon Accord’s infestation control professionals can assess your situation and advise you accordingly. We offer free advice and consultations; we won’t begin any work until we are sure that we know the best course of action for your business. We guarantee customer satisfaction and a successful pest control operation.

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