Mosquitoes and midges are among the most common pests in the UK.

Mosquitoes, in particular, have a very poor reputation, albeit a well-deserved one. Has the climate in the UK becomes warmer, mosquitoes are finding the country increasingly habitable. Southern England is particularly rife with mosquitoes, many species of which have made their way here from Europe. In fact, there is a species of mosquito that is endogenous to the London Underground. 

A few decades ago, for much of the 20th century, mosquitoes were a relatively rare sight in the UK, but this is no longer the case. Mosquitoes are now a common enough sight in the UK that every business and homeowner needs to be aware of them. They are particularly prevalent during the summer months when they can create numerous problems for busy businesses. For any businesses in the hospitality sector, such as hotels, the presents of mosquitoes won’t go down well with guests or customers.

Fortunately, once you know the basics of mosquitoes and how to handle them, you can protect yourself and your business.

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Mosquitoes have a  well-deserved reputation of dealers of death and destruction. British mosquitoes are unlikely to spread diseases like malaria, but a bite from the wrong mosquito can still cause health problems. As global warming takes hold and the climate in southern England begins to resemble that of southern Europe more closely, it is becoming increasingly hospitable to mosquitoes.

There are now more than 30 individual species of mosquitoes in the UK, many of which bite people and have the potential to spread disease. Other species are more of a nuisance than a threat. But all most people know about mosquitoes is their distinctive high-pitched whine. There’s no way for most of us to differentiate between one type of mosquito and another.

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Midges are small flies that bear a close resemblance to mosquitoes. Fortunately, midges aren’t as much of a health hazard, nor are they quite as much of a nuisance as mosquitoes are. However, some species of midges will bite people and pets. The term midges encompasses a variety of species of insect. Misidentifying the species you are dealing with can lead to choosing the wrong treatments and wasting time and money chasing solutions that aren’t going to help. 

What Problems Can Mosquitoes And Midges Cause?

Whether they infest your home or your business, mosquitoes and midges can cause several problems. No customer wants to spend more time than they have to in a business that has mosquitoes buzzing around everywhere. The presence of any pest in your business can damage your reputation among both staff and customers. 

Damage to your business’s reputation amongst your staff and customers translate to negative reviews and lower revenues. In this way, a mosquito infestation can end up costing your business indirectly. The reputation that mosquitoes have means that many people are afraid of them. Some of these fears are unfounded or overblown, but that doesn’t make any difference to the impact they will have on your business if you are infested with mosquitoes.

Signs Of A Mosquito Infestation

As soon as you hear their distinct high-pitched whine, you know that you are dealing with mosquitoes or midges.

Mosquitoes are attracted to bodies of standing water; they provide the ideal environment for females to lay their eggs. However, where such bodies of water aren’t available, they will instead settle for moist soil. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs each time. If you don’t deal with an infestation quickly, you will soon have an army of mosquitoes to worry about. 

Other than the noise they make, the other major way that mosquitoes give themselves away is through their bites. Despite their reputation, mosquitoes will rarely bite people. Male mosquitoes prefer to feed off sweet, sugary flower nectar and aren’t generally inclined to bite people. It’s the female mosquitoes that cause problems for people. They require blood to produce their eggs, so they bite people out of necessity. If you notice mosquito bites, not only do you have a female on your property, but she is also preparing to lay her eggs.

Mosquito bites cause inflammation and swelling. You might not feel the bite itself, but you will no doubt notice the itching that they cause. If you find yourself constantly scratching yourself, mosquitoes are a common culprit.

How To Prevent A Mosquito Infestation

The best defence against a mosquito infestation is a good offence. Electric fly killers are equally as effective against mosquitoes as they are against flies. But there are several things you can do to head off a mosquito infestation before things reach this point.

Keeping the windows on your property closed whenever possible will deny mosquitoes access. You might also want to invest in insect screens, also known as fly screens. These are lightweight barriers you can place over windows to prevent flies and other small insects from gaining entry to your property. 

If there are any bodies of standing water on your property, these are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Clearing away any stagnant and stationary bodies of water will prevent them from being used by mosquitoes for this purpose. You might also want to consider investing in some fish if you have a pond in your garden. Goldfish, for example, will eat mosquito larvae.

There is a range of natural repellent that will deter mosquitoes. These include peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender, and vanilla extract. Dotting these around your property will send any nearby mosquitoes packing.

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How To Get Rid Of A Mosquito Infestation

There are numerous DIY products on the market designed to kill or repel mosquitoes. If you are facing a relatively minor infestation, these products might be enough to solve the issue. However, if you suspect a more serious infestation, you need to call in professional help. Most of the general insect-killing sprays on the market will be effective against mosquitoes.

Why You Need A Professional Pest Control Business Like Bon Accord

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to mosquitoes. Most pests are annoying, and some have the potential to spread diseases through bites. If an infected pest or insect bites you, there are all manner of potentially deadly diseases they can pass on. Globally, mosquitoes are responsible for millions of deaths. This death toll is mostly down to the spread of diseases like malaria, of which mosquitoes are significant spreaders. Fortunately, mosquitoes in the UK rarely carry anything quite this dangerous. However, that’s not to say British mosquitoes can’t spread diseases and present serious health risks.

In fact, thanks to global warming, the UK is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for mosquitoes that would previously have found the climate here too mild. Even though the chances of British mosquitoes spreading a deadly disease are low, it is still a threat that everyone needs to take seriously.

Now that mosquitoes are a relatively common sight in London, the range of DIY treatments available has also increased significantly. These include a multitude of sprays and other options designed to repel or kill mosquitoes. Unfortunately, while these treatments are plentiful, they are relatively expensive and offer mixed results. The number of options available makes things confusing for newcomers and leads lots of people down a path of trial and error. Not only this, but many of the DIY treatments available can be harmful to other plants and wildlife.

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The worst part is that most of these treatments are ineffective at completely removing the infestation. If the measures you take don’t completely clear out the infestation, it won’t take them long to rebuild and return with a vengeance. If you spend money on a DIY treatment and fail to eliminate the issue, you are essentially throwing money away. 

On the other hand, if you engage the services of a professional pest control outfit like Bon Accord, you can be certain of a successful operation every time. Our pest control technicians have dealt with it all. We can apply the extensive knowledge and experience we have gained over the years to identifying the nature of your infestation and honing straight in on the best treatment option. We guarantee that we will clear up any infestation completely, in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible. 

There is no shortage of websites and online guides out there telling you how to deal with a mosquito infestation. But unless you have first-hand experience dealing with these insects, you don’t know whether the guide you’re looking at is any good or not until you have put its recommendations into practice.

If you suspect that you have an infestation of mosquitoes or midges in your home or business, you should contact Bon Accord immediately. We will send a pest control expert assessment. After we have completed this initial assessment, we will know exactly what we are dealing with and what the best way to proceed is.

Don’t risk your precious time and money on half-baked amateur solutions when Bon Accord can guarantee success. 

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