What food to put in a rat trap

What food to put in a rat trap?

 Adding the right food to a rat trap will significantly enhance its effectiveness. There are certain foods that rats find irresistible; one whiff and they will gladly walk directly into the trap you’ve set. But working out what food to use can be difficult. Rats will eat pretty much anything they can get their paws on in the wild, so you might assume that you can use virtually any food as bait. However, some food is substantially more alluring to rats and makes for more effective bait.

The first food that comes to mind for most people when they think of rodents is cheese. If cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that mice and rats have an insatiable desire for dairy. Unfortunately, in our disappointingly non-cartoony world, rodents don’t love cheese nearly as much as their two-dimensional counterparts. In fact, the pungent aroma of some cheeses will put mice off rather than drawing them in.

What food to put in a rat trap

If you’re looking for food whose smell will attract rats, meat is a better option than cheese. Peanut butter and almond butter is also a great rat bait. You can also use rat attractants like Magent Gel. It is a highly palatable, non-toxic gel bait has proven to be very attractive to rodents, and offers a quick and cost-effective solution to baiting snap traps and live catch traps. Rats will also eat small chunks of bacon, hot dogs, and similar types of meat effectively attract rats. You don’t need to cook them beforehand, although some people prefer to do this. Remember to regularly check your bait and replace it as often as necessary to avoid it going bad and attract other unwanted pests.

Almond butter as rat bait
Almond butter best rat bait
Magnet gel rat attractant
Magnet gel rat attractant

Perhaps the most effective food for baiting rat traps is, believe it or not, peanut butter. Peanut butter is a high-energy food that contains peanuts – something rats love to eat in the wild. The unique texture and consistency of peanut butter also mean that rats take a while to work their way through it. Some food is easily snatched away by an agile rat before the trap can trigger. Peanut butter doesn’t have this problem.

Best rat traps in UK: Professional humane rat traps for indoor and outdoor use

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Rat Snap Trap
Rat Snap Trap
Black Cat Rat Trap
Glue Book Rat Trap
Glue Book Rat Trap

What’s the best way to humanely get rid of rats? 

There are two human options for catching rats. First, you use a cage trap to keep the rat from dying. When you catch a rat, you can take it somewhere far away and then let it go.

Second on the list are the latch traps. These snap traps are designed to kill rats as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can get electric traps which are more expensive but in my experience they are not as humane and they do not kill as fast. You may have problems with electric traps, which in turn can pose a fire hazard. Of course, cage traps are more humane, but reliable snapback traps are the best option if you want them dead.

Humane Cage Rat Trap
Rat Cage Trap
T-Rex Rat Trap

How to use rat traps

Rats are neophobic (inherently wary of new objects) so it can take them some time to adjust to the presence of traps. Use a suitably attractive bait such as almond or peanut butter, chocolate paste or tuna in your rat trap.

Rats pose a health risk because they transmit diseases such as salmonella, trichinosis, and Weil’s disease. Therefore, it is always recommended to wear gloves when removing trapped rats and then thoroughly wash your hands. All waste should be double packed in garbage bags before being placed in a bin with a secure lid.

Where to use rat traps

Rat traps should be placed on a flat, stable surface in the area of activity of the rats. It is best to place rat traps along the wall-to-floor junction, as rats prefer to travel along the edge of the walls


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