We provide comprehensive carpet beetle control services in London.

Our technicians will promptly diagnose any carpet beetle infestation and create a treatment plan to eradicate the beetles.

Once the treatment is finished, our team guarantees that carpets will be pest-free.

Call us on 020 3369 6965 for beetle control and eradication.

Beetle Control Thoughout London

Bon Accord provides specialist pest control services to individuals and businesses throughout London. From beetle control to rats and other rodents.Our pest control technicians have the extensive knowledge and experience required to diagnose and resolve even the most stubborn pest infestations rapidly and comprehensively. We offer beetle control, beetle chemical and heat treatments. When we’re through, we guarantee your home or business will be free from pests.

Beetle Infestation The Basics

Beetle control and eradication in London. The UK is home to a variety of beetles. You can find information on the various types from this article!

Main Types of Beetle In The UK


We have approximately 150 species that live here in Great Britain, but many more come over for breeding each year as well – there’s even an annual event called “Beetle Day” where people go looking specifically at these hard working insects and why they might be going through such population explosions worldwide right now with climate change happening all across our planet too quickly.

Beetle Exterminator Near Me

How To Spot Beetle Infestation What Problems Do Beetles Cause? How To Get Rid Of Beetles?



Why You Need A Professional Pest Control Service In London

How Can You Prevent Beetles From Nesting In Your Property In London?

Whether in your home or business, you can’t take any chances when it comes to beetle infestations. If you suspect you might have an infestation on your hands, contact Bon Accord immediately to discuss how we can help eliminate the problem. We are your local pest control company.

How to control carpet beetles?

If you’re looking for a pest controller to keep your home beetle free, then look no further than Bon Accord. We’ve got just what it takes and can handle all types of household pests from roaches and ants as well as those pesky beetles!

Some of our key services : Mice Control, Rat Control, Woodworm Treatment & Control, Spider Control, Clothes Moths Control, Ant Control, Carpet Beetle Control, Bed Bugs Treatment ,Cockroach Control, Fleas Control,Fly Control, Mosquitoes Midges Control, Birds Control & Netting, Pest Control Cost & Prices

Beetles UK FAQ

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