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Mice Control in London.  London is home to a rich diversity of life. Unfortunately, some of that life wants to share your home with you.  

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Mice Treatment And Control

Despite having a lifespan of just 18 months or so, mice can cause enormous problems for anyone whose buildings they decide to call home. It is rare to find only one mouse in a property. Thanks to the prodigious rate of multiplication, mice are able to reproduce all year round. A single female can produce anywhere between five and ten letters every year. The average is six to eight babies in each litter. A starting pool of just six mice can quickly multiply into more than 60 in only a quarter of a year. Bon Accord London local pest control specialist can help you with any type of mice infestation same day 24/7.

The Basics How To Control Mice

There are several different species of the mice that you might encounter in London. The common house mouse is relatively harmless, at least in terms of human health. On the other hand, a deer mouse is much more problematic. Any kind of mouse is capable of spreading diseases such as the hantavirus. Mice spread these diseases via their droppings, urine, and saliva as well as their nesting materials. Many of the diseases that mice transmit have the potential to be deadly. It is therefore essential that you take a potential mouse infestation seriously.

Setting aside their propensity for spreading diseases, mice can also cause enormous structural problems to any home. To say that a mouse can burn your house down is no exaggeration. Mice chewing through electrical wires behind walls and in attics has been known to cause house fires in the past. Mice are not fussy about what they chew through. They will happily gnaw on your walls and other materials to keep their teeth short. They will also eat through anything that stands between them and where they want to go. If you looking for proffesional pest control near you Bon Accord is your local expert. Mouse exterminator in London area.

Mouse Exterminator Near Me

You don’t have to put up with the skittering, gnawing and stray droppings anymore. Effective, long-lasting mice control from a local London business is only one phone call away. To start your mice pest control treatment today, call our friendly mouse exterminator service team now or request your call back.

When we say that mice will eat through anything, we really mean it. Mice have been known to chew through materials as diverse as concrete, wood, rubber, plastic, and a multitude of other materials used in insulation and piping. They have even been known to chew through the occasional gas line.

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How To Spot A Mouse Infestation What Problems Do Mice Cause? How To Get Rid Of Mice

The one saving grace of a mice infestation is that there are several telltale signs. A mouse infestation will create a distinct smell, as well as numerous visual clues. If you see small dark droppings around your property, or greasy marks along the walls and skirting boards, these can be indicative of a mouse infestation. Mice also like to chew their way through numerous materials; their gnaw marks are another dead giveaway.

On average, you can expect around 50 to 80 droppings per night if there’s an infestation in your home. These tend to be spread randomly throughout any properties where the mice are present, but are generally concentrated inside cupboards and along skirting boards.

The grease marks that might leave behind result from them brushing their bodies against walls and skirting boards as they scurry around the property. Any smears, especially those located near to holes and other crevices that mice might tunnel through, are a clear indication of their presence. With more severe infestations, this body grease is often combined with urine and dirt. These can form small but distinct mounds of around 4 cm in height.

Mice Control And Proofing 24/7 

Mice are also quite noisy pests. You will often hear them before you see them due to the noise they make when scratching, scurrying, or chewing their way through your property. If you hear any noises coming from behind your walls, beneath your floors, or any other hidden corners of your property, there’s a good chance you have a mouse infestation.

Another clear indication that you have a mouse infestation is the presence of nests and the debris associated with them. Mice build their nest from a variety of shredded materials. Just about anything soft and shreddable can be used in the construction of a mouse nest. If you notice any scraps of material, or you find paper and fabric that looks like a mouse has been chewing on it, these can be indications of a mouse’s construction project.

Mice urinate frequently. Their urine gives off a strong and distinct odour, meaning you may well smell them before you see them. Mouse urine smells strongly of ammonia, with the smell being most pungent nearer to the urine.


The most pressing issue with a mouse infestation is the potential for the spread of disease. Mice can carry a range of pathogens, contaminating any foodstuffs that they come into contact with. Mouse urine and faeces are known vectors for several nasty diseases.

But diseases are not the only issue that mice can cause. They can also cause significant damage to your property. Mice love to chew their way through anything that stands between them and food or shelter. You'd be surprised at just what they can bite their way through when they want to. Floorboards, pipes, doors, insulation; none of these are a match for a determined mouse.

Most of the damage that mice cause to your property is in service of nest building. However, they will also chew, scratch, and gnaw away at materials to make themselves tunnels and enable themselves to move more freely throughout your home or business.

Seeing evidence of nesting mice in your home can be alarming. Still, it is nothing compared to the shock and worry that business owners face when they discover a mouse infestation within their place of business. For any catering or hospitality businesses, the sight of even a single mouse spells a PR disaster. 

It goes without saying that if any of your guests or customers become ill because of a mouse infestation within your business, you will have to answer some very difficult questions. You can’t afford to take any chances here; if you suspect that your company has a mouse problem, dealing with it needs to be your top priority.


There are a range of DIY products on the market that you can use to rid yourself of a minor mouse infestation. As well as the traditional mousetrap, which will end the life of any mouse unlucky enough to trigger it, there are now a number of more humane options. 

For example, electronic mouse traps, which can either trap or kill mice humanely and reliably, are an increasingly popular option. These newer mouse traps are ideal for environments where small children and pets are present. You don't want your child or your pet to trigger a spring-loaded mousetrap accidentally. Electronic mouse traps are safe to leave lying around your home or business and are more reliable in terms of getting the job done. 

But the only surefire way to rid yourself of a mouse infestation entirely is to call in a professional pest control team like Bon Accord.

At Bon Accord, we offer a professional and guaranteed mouse control service that will keep you safe from pesky pests. Our team of experts can work with your home or business in order to help prevent future infestations before they happen!

Why You Need A Professional Pest Control Service For Mice

At Bon Accord, our pest control experts have extensive experience dealing with all manner of rodent infestations. Our technicians stand ready to assess any potential mouse infestation and plot a suitable course forward. We work with homeowners and businesses to ascertain the extent of any infestation and devise a plan of action that will eliminate pests from the property in a timeframe and manner that suits the homeowner. We won’t rush the work, but nor will we take any longer than is necessary. With Bon Accord, you are guaranteed a complete service delivered at a time that is convenient to you as the homeowner.

Not only will we deal with the infestation itself, but we will also provide homeowners with the advice and guidance they need to prevent future outbreaks. There are plenty of mice living in London; anyone living in the city will inevitably encounter them now and then. But there is no reason that an infestation in your home or business has to be an inevitability. As long as you adhere to some simple guidelines, you can maintain a mouse-free environment with ease. Contact your local Council to find out if they provide pest control services:

How Can You Prevent Mice From Nesting In Your Property In London?

There are several simple things that anyone can do to reduce the likelihood of finding mice in their property. Mice are crafty and nimble creatures; if there’s a way into your property, you can be sure they’ll find it. Mice are attracted to discarded food. The most important thing you can do to keep them at bay is to secure your rubbish properly and ensure your bins are sealed. Keeping the grass in your lawn short will also remove an important source of shelter for them and make it harder for them to hide.

Whether in your home or business, you can’t take any chances when it comes to mouse infestations. If you suspect you might have an infestation on your hands, contact Bon Accord immediately to discuss how we can help eliminate the problem and control the mice. We are your local pest control company.

Mice Control FAQ

Mice generally live about two years, with some dying within the first few months and others living up to 18 months.

A mouse is capable of birthing when it’s two months old and can have babies 6-10 times per year.

Mice are tiny creatures that can carry germs in their urine, causing illness and allergies. They also spread diseases through ticks, fleas or mites

Mice can be very pesky creatures, but they are not all that vicious. In fact most mice will only bite if threatened or cornered and even then it’s rare for them to do so!

We know that every pest infestation is different. That’s why our team of experts needs to conduct an inspection before providing you with a quote for treatment, so we can account for factors like location and size as well as others relating back specifically towards what caused this problem in the first place – eg: improper sanitation habits or food storage where some pests may thrive more than others due their preference on certain types/amounts

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