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mady madalin
Gabriell is very profesional!
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Jane Doyle
I used the Property Maintainance Service. Gabriel found and sent someone the same day. They arrived on time and did an excellent job. I will deffinately be using this company again and recommending to my friends and neighbours.
Junor Souza
Junor Souza
Hi . Really happy with the services you guys provided . The guy came to my flat because we had some mouses issues . He founded pretty quickly where they were coming from , blocked everything that need too and also put the mousetrap everywhere to be able to catch just incase if we had more . Two weeks later he came back again .and provide us with a great services . Thank you so much . Bon accord pest control . Saved us !!!
Elena Zagaglia
Elena Zagaglia
Gabriel was professional, attentive, knowledgeable and on time. He carefully inspected the property and did his job at very high standards, detailing every aspect and procedure. I highly recommend this company.
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jessie jin
Professional mice control service. I highly recommend this company.
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Salé Tenwoen
The most wonderful service we could have wishes for. Gabriel was always punctual, knowledgeable and so very quick. A brilliant technician. Problem alleviated fully after two visits. Terrific experience overall!
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Lidia Felk
Great service provided! Gabriel was exceptional and very responsive every step of the process. Highly recommended
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Anthony Defour
Gabriel was very professional, explaining everything he was doing. He came the same day I called and after the second visit he found the entry point. I am very happy with the service.
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They answered my call promptly and came the next day, they were professional in their assessment .
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Marta Chodyko
The only pest control service in London that’s ready to help in the middle of the night! Best service, quick to react and very friendly and communicative employees. 100% recommended

Why choose Bon Accord Spider Spray Killer

How to get rid of spiders in house? Use Bon Accord 24/7 spider spray killer. We’re available day and night to protect homes and businesses in Greater London.

Bon Accord delivers specialist pest control services and environmentally sustainable pest management. We only employ people who care and deliver excellent service. 

Our exterminators can deal with the most stubborn pest infestations safely, quickly and efficiently.

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Spider Killer Spray London

Bon Accord offers spider control services ranging from spider control, inspection and extermination to pest proofing.

We encounter spiders everywhere; just ask an arachnophobic.

How Do You Get Rid Of Spiders? Call us, Bon Accord provides specialist spider pest control services to individuals and businesses throughout London.

Call us on 020 3369 6965 for spider control, treatment, eradication and free advice.

Bon Accord Spider Control Experts in London

  • We serve residential and commercial properties,
  • Bon Accord cares and employ qualified people who care and deliver great service.
  • We to deliver environmentally suitable integrated pest management

Get a Free Quote and Advice on 0800 211 8868 and Get Rid of Spiders Fast  “The most common spiders in the UK’s urban environment are the Common false widow spider (Steatoda bipunctata) Giant House Spider (Eratigena atrica) Sector Spider (Zygiella) Daddy long-legs spider (Pholcidae) Cupboard spider (Steatoda grossa) Spitting spider (Scytodidae) Jumping spiders (Salticidae) Mouse spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli)”

Call us on 020 3369 6965 for Help and Free Advice 24/7  365 days a year

Bon Accord is a leading London pest control company that offers professional spider control, removal and protection services !


Spider Control In London

A completely spider-free environment isn’t a realistic goal for most people, but there are things you can do to minimise their presence. Even if you aren’t afraid of them, no one wants to deal with a pregnant spider giving birth in their home; some species will lay thousands of eggs at a time.
Despite what some newspapers and viral social media posts like to claim, there are no deadly spiders in the UK. There are a few that will bite people, but unless you suffer from a very rare allergic reaction, these bites aren’t dangerous. However, spiders can still be pests and cause numerous issues for property owners. If the number of spiders in your home is making you nervous, it’s time to do something about it. If you need to get rid of the spiders loon no more, we control spiders 24/7.

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Signs You Have a Spider Infestation - Spider Control

There are spiders in every home, yellow spider in UK is one of most common, but not every home has a spider problem. For people lucky enough to not have to worry about arachnophobia, dealing with spiders and their webs as you come across them is easy enough. Usually, removing a spider’s web is enough to compel them to leave your property and find a new home. Sometimes you will need spier control treatment from local pest control company. 

But not every species of spider lives in webs; some live in burrows. A spider burrow is much less evident than a web, making it easier for burrowing spiders to stay hidden from view. Other species will simply secrete themselves away in any crevice they can find. If you are noticing a lot of spiders on your property, but you can’t find any webs, check basements, sheds, and any other dark and damp environments. 

What Problems Can Spiders Cause? Yellow Spider UK

Spiders are more of a nuisance than anything else. There are no dangerous spiders in the UK, and most species aren’t even considered pests. However, some species of spiders can bite people, and no business wants insects (or arachnids) crawling over their stock and potentially putting off their customers. Spider treatment and spider control same day 24/7 with Bon Accord.

Even though spider bites are generally harmless, persistent misconceptions and urban myths surrounding species like the false widow means that people are needlessly fearful about the dangers that spiders represent. In cases of spider bites in the UK, the only real threat comes from a potential allergic reaction. 

The Truth About False Widow Spiders 

False widow spiders have been the subject of innumerable viral social media posts and sensationalised media reports that drastically overstate the danger they pose. Any stories you’ve read about false widows biting people and laying their eggs inside them are, well, false.  

False widow spiders do bite people, but only defensively; they are not naturally aggressive towards people. In fact, it’s rare for a false widow spider to bite a human unless they are physically squeezed or pinched. In other words, as long as you don’t pick up and handle a  false widow spider, the chances of being bitten are virtually non-existent. 

If a false widow spider does bite you, you shouldn’t experience anything more severe than some localised pain and possibly some minor tingling and swelling. More severe reactions are possible in cases of an allergic reaction, but these are thankfully rare.

Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow sac spiders are another misunderstood species that has often been cited as posing a serious threat to people. As with the claims about false widow spiders, the alleged dangers of yellow sac spiders are wildly overstated. However, in this case, the claims have some basis in truth; you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a yellow sac spider bite. 

Yellow sac spider bites are sharp and painful. They can also cause the affected area to swell and redden. In rare cases, the swollen area may become necrotic but should still heal on its own within six to eight weeks. In addition to localised pain and swelling at the site of the bite, victims of a yellow sac spider bite may also experience bouts of sweating and nausea for around 24 hours. Spider control services London

Should You Be Worried About Spider Bites?

There are no spiders in the UK capable of killing or seriously injuring humans with their bites. Of course, that doesn’t mean you or your customers want to experience a bite first-hand. Businesses should also remember that many people believe that spider bites can present a serious risk to their health. If a spider bites them while they are on your business premises, they may well be afraid of the potential consequences. You don’t want to end up in a protracted argument with them about whether a false widow can actually lay eggs in their brains or not. 

So, while spider bites don’t represent a severe danger to human health, you still want to avoid them as much as possible. Keeping the number of spiders in your business to a minimum will reduce the chances of bites occurring.

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How to Reduce the Number of Spiders in Your Home

While they are relatively harmless, spiders are one of the most despised common pests in any home.  Arachnophobia is one of the most prevalent phobias, affecting millions of people in the UK, and it can make dealing with even small spiders a challenge for sufferers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the number of spiders in your home.

The first thing you need to know about dealing with spiders is that pesticides won’t work. Spiders are resistant to most pest control chemicals and won’t pick up pesticides easily. Their long legs keep their bodies off the ground and enable them to avoid any chemicals or pesticide residue. The only circumstances in which pesticides can be effective against spiders are when used on narrow cracks that they squeeze through. If the spider’s body comes into contact with the right pesticides, they will die.

What attract spiders

Like all pests, spiders need shelter and food. If you can restrict their access to these vital resources, they won’t be able to survive in your home. Spiders can always find shelter in your home; they can build their webs just about anywhere. Whereas you can discourage many other pests from moving into your home by keeping exposed food covered, spiders are more interested in other insects than scraps of human food. Those pesticides and other treatments that don’t affect spiders directly can still reduce their access to food. Similarly, keeping your food and bins covered will reduce the number of insects available for spiders to feed on. Spider control is the answer for all spider problems.

Remember to clear away any dead insects promptly. Otherwise, you’re just leaving free meals lying around for your spiders to enjoy.

How to Get Rid of Spiders on Your Own When to Call in the Professionals

Regular pesticide sprays aren’t very effective against spiders, but there are DIY spider traps on the market that do a decent job of attracting and trapping spiders. These traps consist of an adhesive strip you can place behind wardrobes, in cupboards, or anywhere else where spiders like to roam unseen.

While many people find spiders unpleasant, the usual advice is to leave them alone. You can safely and quickly clear away cobwebs as you come across them, but unless you have a severe infestation that’s causing you specific issues, it’s usually not worth investing much more time and effort than this in addressing the issue.

We will perform an initial assessment of the problem to establish how entrenched the spider infestation is and whether it warrants a professional intervention. There are numerous species of spider in the UK, and we will need to identify which species we are dealing with before putting forward a plan of action. 

Having confirmed the nature and extent of the infestation, we will suggest suitable treatment options. All our pest control technicians are BPCA qualified and have experience dealing with every conceivable shape and size of spider infestation. We will employ the most effective methods to clear your infestation and give you the advice and guidance you need to prevent a recurrence. 

During the autumn months, as the temperature starts to drop, spiders will begin looking for warmth and shelter. People often notice an increase in the number of spiders on their property and assume an infestation when the increase is really a temporary effect while the spiders’ look for somewhere warm to live. Unless you have a fear of spiders or a known allergy to their venom, you should just wait them out; they’ll leave again when the warmer weather returns. 

For serious infestations that go beyond the expected increase with the colder weather, Bon Accord offers a professional spider control service that is guaranteed to rid your property of unwanted arachnids as efficiently and discreetly as possible. Some insects require relatively complex treatments administered over multiple sessions. Spiders are much simpler to deal with. 

If you suspect a spider infestation in your home or business and the DIY approach isn’t working, or your arachnophobia is keeping you from facing the problem head-on, contact Bon Accord today to arrange an initial assessment and put a plan of action in place.


Can you get yellow spider in the UK?

Spiders in the UK are not usually pests, but there is a small percentage that can be harmful. The False Widow spider and Yellow Sac spiders both exist here—although they’re rare to find these particular types of arachnids around your home

Can yellow sac spiders hurt you?

The yellow sac spider is one of the most common spiders you’ll find around your home. Although its bites can be painful and a little necrotic, they won’t cause any long term harm to humans if treated properly right after getting bitten by this crawly creature!

How long do yellow spider live in the UK?

Sac spiders are one of the most common types found in homes. The average lifespan for a yellow sac spider is about two years, but there have been cases where females lived up to five!

Other UK spiders you can be concerned about 

  • Common false widow spider (Steatoda bipunctata)
  • Giant House Spider (Eratigena atrica)
  • Sector Spider (Zygiella)
  • Daddy long-legs spider (Pholcidae)
  • Cupboard spider (Steatoda grossa)
  • Spitting spider (Scytodidae)
  • Jumping spiders (Salticidae)
  • Mouse spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli)
  • Crab Spiders
  • Yellow Spider UK

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