Moth Control

Get rid of moths and protect your home with our professional moth control and moth treatment services in London. We provide affordable and reliable moth treatment & prevention services. Why do you need moth control ? Most species of moth are completely harmless; they don’t spread diseases as other pests do. However, they cause other problems for homes and businesses. They can physically damage numerous materials, especially textiles and food products. An infestation can also be difficult to shift once it has taken home; they can lay their larvae in hard-to-find places.

Moth Control and Moth Treatment

Once a moth has created their nest inside your home, they will set about demolishing anything made from certain materials. Clothes moths and carpet moths will both make their way through carpets, clothes, and even leather and fur items like there’s no tomorrow. Similarly, moth caterpillars consume keratin, a protein found in lots of natural materials. This can present a serious risk to more delicate items. If you own a business that stocks expensive fabrics, moths are one of your worst enemies. Thats why you need expert moth pest cotrol.

Chemical Treatment For Moths

There are more than 2,500 species of moths found in the UK. Fortunately, only a handful of these tend to cause any serious problems for homes or businesses. Most of the damage they cause is limited to fabric and textiles, but they should also be kept away from food. Different species of moth have different needs and wants. Each species is attracted to a different set of materials. Defeating a moth infestation requires you to know which type of moth you have in your property.

If you suspect a moth infestation in your home or business, you should call in a professional pest control service to deal with the issue robustly and promptly.


Causes of Moth Infestations

Moth infestations are a common problem in homes and commercial premises, and it is important to enlist the help of professional moth exterminators or pest control London company to ensure the successful eradication of moths. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) recommends employing a professional to treat moth infestation as soon as possible, as the longer the problem is left untreated the more difficult it will be to completely eradicate the moths. 

Treatments for Moth Infestations

Moth infestations can be treated with a variety of methods, including chemical control, moth fumigation and heat treatments. A moth exterminator will choose the most appropriate treatment for the particular environment, depending on the extent of the infestation. For example, chemical control is the most common method of treating clothes moths, while fumigation and heat treatments are usually used in larger commercial premises.

The Life Cycle of Moths

life cycle of moths
life cycle of moths

The life cycle of moths is an important factor to consider when planning a moth eradication program. Moths lay eggs in fabric and other organic materials. The larvae feed on the material and cause damage in the form of holes and stains, such as moth holes. Successful moth eradication requires that the eggs and larvae are destroyed, as well as any adult moths. 

Different Types of Moths

Moth infestations can be caused by different species of moths, including clothes moths, food moths and carpet moths. While clothes moths are most common, food moths are also a problem and can be found in food stores or pantries. All moths have the same life cycle, but the methods of control may differ depending on the species.

Why Hire a Professional Moth Exterminator?

To ensure the successful eradication of moths, it is important to enlist the help of a professional moth exterminators or pest control London company. They will be able to identify the source of the infestation and recommend the most appropriate treatment for the particular environment. Moth infestations require a comprehensive approach, and an experienced professional will be able to provide the necessary expertise for the successful eradication of moths.

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Why choose Bon Accord Moth Pest Control

How to get rid of moths in house? Use Bon Accord 24/7 carpet moth extermination. We’re available day and night to protect homes and businesses in Greater London.

Bon Accord delivers specialist pest control services and environmentally sustainable pest management. We only employ people who care and deliver excellent service. 

Our exterminators can deal with the most stubborn pest infestations safely, quickly and efficiently.

  • Local experienced and qualified pest control experts. 
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Moth Treatment Options

We specialise in pest control, including clothes moth and carpet moth control. Effective moth control and moth treatments in London area

The common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) likes to feed off wool and other animal fibres, so it’s particularly fond of clothing that’s hanging around in your wardrobe – including hand-knitted jumpers – as well as fur coats and leather garments.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with an effective clothes moth treatment service.

Contact us on 020 3369 6965 and a member of our team will be happy to help

Moth Treatments London

How to control pests like moth? Clothes moths and carpet moths are one of the most common pests found in the UK. While they aren’t vectors for transmitting diseases like other pests, they can create numerous problems in both businesses and homes. 

The biggest problem with this pests is the damage they cause to fabrics and foods. Having one or two moths on your property is nothing to worry about. But if they are given the opportunity, they will reproduce and start to cause serious issues.

 We don’t just kill moths, we control moths, we make sure they’re gone for good. If you need your home or business to be pest free and tidy again give our team of experts a call! We cover all common moths you can find in UK from clothes moths and carpet moths to pantry moths. 

Moths can cause quite a problem for humans. They eat away at our clothes, carpets and more! Luckily we have the solution- moth killer spray that will get rid of any moths in your home fast with no harmful chemicals or fumes involved

Clothes Moths Control And Eradication

How to get rid of moths?
How To Spot A Moth Infestation Preventing Moths

The most obvious signs of a moth infestation, other than a prevalence of the insects themselves, is the damage that they cause to clothes, fabrics and carpets. However, these are not the only telltale signs of a moth infestation. If you notice the larvae, which resemble small maggots, this is a dead giveaway. There are also silken tubes, or cases, that the larvae live in until they have matured. The larvae will emerge from pupae, silk cocoons, before they reach maturity.

Carpet beetles rather than moths can also cause damage to carpets and. If you suspect that you have moths in your property, you should consult with a professional pest control expert to confirm the issue. 

There are several things that any homeowner can do to keep moths out of their residence. The range of preventative DIY products on the market means homeowners who are concerned about a potential moth infestation can take steps to prevent them. 

However, no matter what steps you take, it is very difficult to prevent moths entirely. For one thing, they are attracted to artificial lights. If you leave the lights on in your home and your windows open, it is quite likely that at least a few moths will make their way inside. Keeping windows closed wherever possible, or making sure to draw your curtains when you leave lights on will both go a long way to keeping moths at bay.

Keeping your clothes and other vulnerable fabrics protected will also deny moths the opportunity to feast on them. There are several sprays on the market you can use to deter moths from flying on to your clothes and laying their larvae. These are among the most effective preventative measures available to you. However, if an infestation is already present in your home, it is too late for preventative measures. At that point, you need to call in a professional pest control service.

How to prevent moth infestation?

You can also install special fly screens on your windows. As the name suggests, these screens are effective barriers preventing moths and other insects from freely flying in and out of your property. If you don't want to install screens on your windows, keeping your curtains and windows closed is the next best option.

Regularly vacuuming your carpets, and other fabrics if you deem it necessary, will remove any moth eggs and prevent larvae from hatching and consuming them. Make sure that you hoover everywhere, especially hard to reach and out of the way crevices where moth eggs could otherwise thrive.

Keeping your most valuable textiles and fabrics protected in special sealed bags is the best defence against mobs. Of course, this can be difficult if you are operating a business and you need to display the clothes. Before putting any clothes into storage, make sure to clean them thoroughly.

What Problems Does House Moths Contribute To

The majority of the damage that moths caused is caused by the larvae rather than the mature adults. There are four species of moth that you need to worry about in the UK. These four species are the ones that will make their way through certain materials at a prodigious rate. Their larvae can be very problematic for any home or business that contains delicate or expensive fabrics.

You can often deduce which type of moth you are dealing with by looking at the shape of the holes they leave in clothes.

Common clothes moth larvae: these moths lay cream coloured eggs, hatching into white larvae. The holes they leave in natural fabrics are irregular in shape.

Case bearing clothes moth larvae: the larvae are white with a brown head. This moth creates more and more irregular shaped holes in garments when it’s 8 through them.

Brown house moth larvae: this is the most common type of house moth. It is attracted to animal-based material, usually furs and leathers.

White-shouldered house moth larvae: this type of moth is less damaging to textiles but will scavenge on a wide range of foodstuffs. The holes they leave behind are small and circular. This type of moth is relatively rare compared to the others on this list.

What Do House Moths Eat

Adult moths only need to have various liquids in order to maintain their water balance and energy. Though it is not actually adult moths which eat your clothes, but rather larvae that can be found within animal fibers such as wool, cashmere and silk after a female moth lays eggs around 50-1000 of an inch long at most (depending on species).

Fur coats might be perfect for protecting humans from severe winter temperatures like down jackets because they provide additional warmth when wet; however expensive materials may make them more difficult than anything else if you want something lasting through many winters with little maintenance required by owners

Find out more about moth control: Pest advice for controlling Moths from British Pest Control Assosiation 

How To Get Rid Of Common Clothes Moths

Moths in the house? How to eradicate and control clothes moths? Well, it seems like a lot of people have this problem and there is no guaranteed way for them! The only thing that has been proven as an effective method by professionals such as Bon Accord Pest Control are their services

A moth infestation can be quite uncomfortable when you don’t know what do next or how exactly these creatures got into your home because they seem undetectable

What To Do About A Moth Infestation

Fortunately, moths are not carriers of diseases and pose no risk to human health. The problems that moths cause are limited to the damage that they cause to clothes, carpets and other materials. To minimise the damage moths cause to your home or business, you should nip the infestation in the bud as quickly as possible.

If you have confirmed the presence of moths in your property, changing your vacuum bags regularly and making sure to empty them outside will prevent you from inadvertently spreading to the larvae and eggs around your property.

As well as vacuuming, regularly cleaning your fabrics will also help to remove any eggs or larvae that might be present. Any soft furnishings can serve as a suitable habitat for moths to lay their eggs. Washing them regularly, and ensuring that you keep your clothes clean will help to reduce the prevalence of moths. Any clothes or fabrics that might be stained with urine or sweat will attract moths as they can derive additional nutrients from these. Make sure that you wash and clean any clothes before putting them back in your wardrobe.

How Can We Help To Eradicate Moth Infestation

Bon Accord can assist any homeowner or business in moth control and removing moths from their property. Regardless of whether you are dealing with carpet moths or clothes moths, we will be able to immediately diagnose the issue and come up with an effective treatment plan.

Clothing and textile businesses can be devastated by a moth infestation. Even minor damage from a moth can mean writing off an entire piece of clothing or outfit. Business owners end up in the difficult position of having to either write-off the damaged stock or pay to have it repaired and restored. Neither of these scenarios is ideal; getting rid of the moths should be a top priority. But if you don’t know what type of moth you are dealing with or what the most effective method of removing it is, you run the risk of recurring infestations.

By the time our test control technicians are through with your home or business, we guarantee that there won’t be a single moth remaining. We will work to thoroughly clean your entire property, ensuring that we get every last one of the moth eggs present.

Once the infestation has been dealt with properly, we will then provide you with the advice you need to maintain a moth free environment well into the future. With the right advice, keeping moths at bay is easy.

Anyone who suspects they have a moth infestation in their home or place of business should contact us today. We will send out a technician to make an assessment and get a lay of the land. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can help you decide the best way of proceeding so that your property is free from moths for good. 

Moths Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Common Moths

The life span of a moth often depends on the conditions they live in. These insects range from 30 – 90 days, but can last up to six months if their environment provides enough food sources and protection against predators!

The best way to get rid of moths is by preventing their entrance in the first place. That means using moth repellent DIY products, which are typically made from things like lavender or cedar chests. If you’re not able (or willing) for this step then call an experienced pest professional who will come out right away and make sure your home’s security measures stay intact!

There are many factors that attract moths to your house. But the most important thing for pantry moth larvae is food like cereal, chocolate flour and dried foods which they need in order grow into adults!
Moth species might require different types of requirements when it comes down what attracts them- clothes moths feed on animal fibers while others prefer human materials or even metal objects left behind from old renovations.


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