What food attracts mice?

Mice are omnivorous scavengers; they need to eat regularly, and they will eat whatever they can find. Most people know that leaving food exposed where mice can get to it is one of the best ways of drawing them onto your property, but not everybody realises that mice are much more attracted to certain foods than others. Anyone who has kept pets for an appreciable amount of time knows that mice are a constant threat to anyone who stockpiles food in their homes. With many people buying more groceries than usual thanks to lockdown, knowing which foods mice find the most alluring can help to avoid inadvertently luring them into their homes.

Large stores of any food will attract pests, including mice, rats, and cockroaches, but mice and other rodents are particularly fond of dried goods, including oats, rice, pasta, and cereals. These foods are the most similar to those that mice eat in the wild, where their preferred diet consists of fruit, seeds, and nuts. Despite being dry and hard, mice have no trouble devouring as much of these food types as they can get their paws on.

Mice are also attracted to food that is very high in sugar and provides them with as much energy as possible. Things like dried fruits, seeds and nuts, jams, and other savoury snacks are magnets for hungry mice.

If you are going to stockpile any of the food types outlined above in your home, you need to ensure you can keep them sealed away where mice won’t be able to get at them. Avoid storing them in sheds, attics, or garages. Keeping your food anywhere rodents like to nest is just asking for trouble; you want to keep all your stored food well out of their reach.

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