What smells do mice dislike?

What smells do mice dislike?

So What smells do mice dislike? People used to think nothing of laying down poison or snap traps to kill any mice that had invaded their home. But any homeowners are now uncomfortable with the idea of killing a living creature needlessly, and others simply don’t want to have to deal with the carcasses. As a result, more humane methods of pest control have gained favour among homeowners in need of a less gruesome and less intrusive pest control approach.

What smells do mice dislike?

Of all the new approaches in vogue amongst conscientious homeowners, the use of powerful scents to deter rodents has become one of the most popular methods available. According to the internet, a splash of peppermint oil here and a sprinkling of cayenne pepper there will keep mice and other rodents away.

Unfortunately, these methods have been proven ineffective time and time again. Mice might not particularly enjoy these smells, but they aren’t about to abandon their access to warmth, shelter, and food because of them.

In fact, if you ask a pest control expert what smells mice really don’t like, one of the most common answers is cheese. Cheese is pungent and cumbersome for a mouse in search of food; that’s why it’s rarely used as bait in mousetraps anymore.

The smells that mice actually find repulsive are more or less the same as they would be for any other animal; rotting flesh, ammonia, and strong chemical odours from household products. Of course, none of these is particularly pleasant for any people living in the same home to smell either.

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