How to get rid of field mice in the backyard?

Sometimes known as voles, field mice can cause enormous damage to your yard or garden. They will happily eat bulbs, nibble on stems, chew on wood, and build runways through your grass. Voles are a common sight on properties located close to woodland, especially where there’s a thick brush. Individual field mice don’t cause much trouble, but an infestation can wreak havoc throughout your property’s outdoor areas. If you want to avoid the damage and other issues that filed mice can cause, there are some simple steps you can take.

First and foremost, tidy up. Field mice rely on an abundance of long grass, vegetation, and other debris to build their nests and avoid detection. If your garden is tidy and you keep your grass cut short, field mice will still pass through your garden, but they won’t be looking to move in any time soon. 

Next, you can protect any structures or plants in your garden by placing simple barriers in the way. For example, if you suspect field mice are gnawing at the lower trunks of trees on your property and leaving visible damage behind, you can keep them protected with a loose cylinder of 1/4″ wire mesh wrapped around the base. Bury it a couple of inches into the ground to prevent voles from digging under.

If you already have a field mouse infestation on your property, you can use traps and poisons to clear away any live specimens. If you want to avoid harming the field mice but want them off your property, there are humane traps available that will capture rather than kill them.

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