How to disinfect from mice?

No one wants to deal with a mouse infestation on their property, but they are among the UK’s most common household pests. Urban properties located in densely-populated areas are the most susceptible to mouse infestations, but mice can invade any property. Because they often carry viruses, fleas, and tics, it’s essential to properly disinfect in the aftermath of a rodent infestation, even a minor one. You should pay particular attention to the areas around their nests and wherever they’ve left lots of droppings. Make sure you wear protective gear when cleaning up after a rodent and use a suitable disinfectant to decontaminate your property.

While wearing latex or rubber gloves, gather any contaminated bed sheets, quilts, pillows and pillowcases, and other fabrics mice may have come into contact with. If the mouse infestation could have contaminated any of your children’s stuffed toys, make sure you grab these as well. Machine washing these fabrics in hot water should be enough to disinfect them and kill any viruses or bacteria they might contain. If you have a dryer, you should run them through it at a high temperature just to be sure. Anything over 115 degrees will be enough to kill hantavirus. Carpets and rugs should be steam cleaned for proper decontamination.

Anything you can’t disinfect chemically using a liquid formula should be disinfected using heat. UV rays will kill off any hantavirus that remains on the surface, leaving them outside, exposed to the sun on a sunny day should be enough to destroy any viruses. If this isn’t possible, leave them in a disinfected room for at least a week somewhere they will be exposed to direct sunlight. Ensure you wear gloves while handling any potentially contaminated items. Wipe them down with a damp cloth if you can.

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