How long can mice survive without food and water?

One of the reasons mice are so good at establishing themselves in people’s homes is that they can survive on relatively little food. Instead of hunting down big meals, mice scavenge for food throughout the day, feeding on whatever scraps and food debris they can find. One of the most effective things you can do to keep mice out of your home and away from your property is to make sure your bins are closed, and all your rubbish is properly bagged and sealed. 

Mice don’t need much food to sustain themselves, but they need to eat regularly. They can’t survive more than two to four days without access to food and water. Mice take in a lot of their water through the food they eat. Even foods like seeds and nuts, which seem dry to us, can provide mice with the water they need. Inside people’s homes, mice get a lot of their water from sinks, pipes, and drains.

Mice are much more dependent on food than they are on water. Ensuring they are taking on enough calories for their high metabolism is one of their main survival challenges. Mice will starve to death after just two to four days without eating any food. The exact length of time they can survive depends on environmental factors. For example, during the colder winter months, mice need more calories each day to enable them to resist the cold. Conversely, when the weather is warm, their food needs decrease drastically. 

But if you’re thinking about trying to starve out any mice in your home, you might want to think again. They probably have some food stashed away for emergencies, and even if you do manage to deprive them of any food for a couple of days, they will still survive if they have access to water.

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