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What do mice droppings look like?

So What do mice droppings look like? Other than seeing a mouse with your own two eyes, once of the most surefire indicators that you have a mouse infestation are their droppings. Mouse droppings resemble small dark grains of rice. At a glance, they can resemble the droppings of other rodents. However, most rodent droppings are in proportion to the size of the animal that leaves them. As a result, mouse droppings tend to be smaller than those of other nearby rodents. For example, rat droppings are much larger and wider and less rice-like than those of mice.

What do mice droppings look like?

If you suspect you might have a mouse problem, but you haven’t been able to locate any droppings, it might just be a matter of looking in the right place. Mice don’t tend to leave their droppings out in the open, preferring instead to do their business in a kitchen cupboard, pantries, utility closets, and other areas where they are relatively shielded from predators. If they have access to air vents and crawl spaces, they will often make use of these as well.

Despite their relatively small size, differentiating between mouse droppings and other pest droppings can be challenging. In addition to their smaller size, mouse droppings tend to taper at the ends in a way that few other rodent’s droppings do. There is a common misconception that you can gauge the age of rodent’s droppings from the colour alone. However, the colour is more closely related to the original food source than the age. A better way of determining the age of droppings is to remove them and then return after 24 hours to see if any new specimens have appeared. If there are fresh droppings after you removed the last lot, that suggests you have an active infection on your hands.

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