Why is the German cockroach named the German cockroach?

The German cockroach, scientifically known as Blattella germanica, bears a name that might lead one to assume a connection to Germany. However, the origin of this particular cockroach’s moniker is not as straightforward as it seems. Despite its name, the German cockroach does not exclusively hail from Germany. In fact, its naming can be attributed to the entomologist Carl Linnaeus, who named the species after the German-born entomologist Johann Friedrich Gmelin, rather than the country itself. This intriguing naming convention raises the question: Why is the German cockroach named the German cockroach? To unravel this curious enigma, we delve into the historical context and fascinating journey of this ubiquitous pest.

The German cockroach is named the “German” cockroach because the first scientific description of this species was from Germany. It was given its scientific name, Blattella germanica, by Pierre André Latreille in 1796. 

Are German cockroaches from Germany?

German cockroaches, also known as Blattella germanica, are not limited to Germany despite their name. They are a widespread species found globally in homes, restaurants, and other buildings. The name “German cockroach” originated from the entomologist Carl Linnaeus, who named them after the German-born entomologist Johann Friedrich Gmelin, not their country of origin. These cockroaches are believed to have originated in Africa and have since spread worldwide through human commerce and travel.

german cockroaches all stages
german cockroaches all stages

German cockroaches are highly adaptable and thrive in warm, humid environments near food sources. They reproduce rapidly, with females capable of producing multiple egg cases, each containing 30 to 40 eggs. This high reproductive potential enables them to establish large infestations quickly.

Controlling German cockroaches typically requires professional intervention. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, involving sanitation practices, habitat modification, and targeted pesticide applications, are effective in managing infestations and preventing recurrence.

In summary, German cockroaches are not exclusive to Germany but have a global presence. Prompt action and professional assistance are essential for effective control measures.

Do all roaches come from Europe?

No! Cockroaches have been around for about 350 million years and they are known to exist on every continent except Antarctica. They live in a wide range of environments, but prefer warm conditions found close to humans. The most common types found indoors are the American and German cockroaches, followed by the Asian cockroach and brown-banded cockroach. Other less common species include Oriental, smokey-brown, Pennsylvania wood, Florida Woods, and field cockroaches.

Are German cockroach populations increasing?

According to the EPA, American cockroach populations are growing. They have been found in new areas due to travel and trade. The German cockroach is not very mobile so its population densities are limited by available space, but they can flourish in large numbers when food, water and shelter are readily available. People often mistake a large number of young roaches for an increase in population size.

The life cycle of the German cockroach is only about 100 days so they reproduce very quickly. Females can produce up to 400 young per year with each batch being about 32-45 individuals. This allows populations to grow fast enough that many generations can be produced in the course of a year.

The German cockroach is the most common roach found in homes and restaurants. It gets its name from the scientific name Blattella germanica, which was given by Pierre André Latreille in 1796, who first called it le blatte germanique . However, this species was known at least as early as 1855, when it showed up in France.

For more information see our German Cockroach Infestation page.

Comparison of three common cockroaches

When it comes to household pests, few evoke a sense of revulsion quite like cockroaches. These resilient creatures have adapted to various environments and are notorious for their ability to infest homes and establishments. Among the numerous cockroach species, three commonly encountered ones stand out: the German cockroach, the American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. While all three share the common trait of being unwanted intruders, each species possesses distinct characteristics and behaviors that set them apart. In this article, we will delve into a comparative exploration of these three prevalent cockroaches, shedding light on their differences and providing insights into effective control measures.

German cockroach

Preferred temperature 15–35 °C (59–95 °F)

Nymphal development 54–215 days (at 24–35 °C (75–95 °F))

(at 25–30 °C (77–86 °F))

Lifespan Around 200 days

Able to fly? Uncommon

Oriental cockroach

Preferred temperature 20–30 °C (68–86 °F)

Nymphal development 164–542 days (at 22–30 °C (72–86 °F)

Lifespan 35–190 days

Able to fly? No

American cockroach

Preferred temperature 20–29 °C (68–84 °F)

Nymphal development 150–360 days (at 25–30 °C (77–86 °F))

Lifespan Around 90–706 days

Able to fly? Yes

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Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch service, employing the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your home or business is free from these pesky invaders. When it comes to cockroach control in Bon Accord, trust the experts who know the local landscape and the best strategies to combat these resilient pests.

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Lesser-Known FAQs About German Cockroaches in London

Are German cockroaches in London only found in unsanitary environments?

  • No, are German cockroaches can be found in both sanitary and unsanitary environments in London?

Can German cockroaches fly?

  • German cockroaches are not strong fliers and primarily rely on crawling.

Are German cockroaches harmful to humans?

  • Yes, German cockroaches are a health concern as they can carry disease-causing pathogens and trigger allergies and asthma in some individuals.

How fast do German cockroaches reproduce?

  • German cockroaches have a rapid reproductive rate, with females producing multiple egg cases during their lifetime.

Do German cockroaches only infest homes and restaurants?

  • German cockroaches can infest various locations in London, including hotels, hospitals, offices, and public buildings.

Can I eliminate German cockroaches in London on my own?

  • While DIY methods may provide temporary relief, professional assistance is often necessary for effective German cockroach control.

How do German cockroaches enter homes in London?

  • German cockroaches can enter homes in London through infested items, gaps, cracks, or openings in walls, windows, doors, or plumbing lines.

How long does it take to eliminate a German cockroach infestation in London?

  • The time required to eliminate a German cockroach infestation varies depending on factors such as the extent of the infestation and the effectiveness of control measures. Professional pest control services typically involve multiple visits over several weeks for complete eradication.
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