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Why do we need pest control?

So Why do we need pest control?

Their presence can cause widespread damage, so it’s important to keep pests under control. Pests are identified as any animal that has the ability to shelter, grow, breed and spread diseases


Pest infestations are unpleasant at best, putting you or your employees in potential danger of harm. They destroy both indoor and outdoor property.

This can be anything from eating your plants, leaving droppings behind or chewing through wood causing damage to buildings.


Pest infestations are difficult to keep under control if it is allowed to escalate into a serious problem. Prevention is always better than cure! Not only will the costs associated with pest management go down but you’re also less likely to have further damage caused by an infestation.

Pests are everywhere! They live in our homes, gardens and office blocks so they will always be a risk when it comes to having an infestation. It is important to implement the necessary precautions in order to prevent problems.

How do you control pests?

There Are a variety of different ways to control pests. This largely depends on the type of pest you are trying to get rid of.

For example, some methods are more appropriate for outdoor use whereas others are used indoors. Some will require specialist equipment or machinery that not all pest controllers may have access to.

Some common forms of pest control include:

Traps – These are a good method for dealing with small numbers of pests. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Traps either use bait to lure the pest into them or they may have been designed to kill outright. There are a variety of different traps available on the market depending upon what type of pest you wish to deal with.-fumigation

-Extermination involves the use of poisons or chemicals to kill pests, these can be both indoors and outdoors. When used correctly chemicals are an effective way in controlling pest problems. It is important that they are applied by a professional or you may end up having to seek further treatment when the chemicals fail to work effectively

-Cultural control- This is basically the practice of changing the environment that you are in to discourage pests from living there or breeding. For example, removing sources of food and water will help prevent infestations as well as sealing cracks in walls and floors where pests can enter your property

-Physical controls – Sometimes the best way to control a pest problem is to remove the pests themselves. This could be done by trapping or killing them.

Other forms of pest control

-Sanitation – A good sanitation routine will go a long way in helping you control pest problems, this involves removing excess food scraps and rubbish where they are likely to harbor pests Health risks associated with pests

Pest infestation can lead directly to health problems.The pests themselves could carry diseases and parasites which can be passed onto humans. This is why it is so important to get rid of them as quickly as possible when you find them in your property


It’s not just in our homes where we need to keep an eye out for pest problems. They are also a common issue in many public places such as schools, hospitals and restaurants.

It is not just in public places that we need to be careful when it comes to pest control. When you go into a restaurant you probably don’t think about potential pests in the kitchen area, however they can pose a huge risk especially when hygiene standards are compromised.

Pests only have to find a way into your property for them to start causing damage. This could be through structural gaps, unhygienic conditions or your own negligence such as leaving food lying around. For this reason it is important that you do not leave things unattended and try to keep on top of any problems as soon as they arise.

Pest Damage is often costly. Once you have an infestation it can quickly get out of hand if it isn’t dealt with straight away. Not only will the damage be costly to repair but also, in some cases, this could lead to further complications such as contamination of foodstuffs or damaging your business reputation if hygiene levels are compromised.

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