How long does it take for a rat to decompose?kind of cheese do rats like?

Why do rats exist?

Rats exist to remind us that we are nothing but gravity’s helpless children. Their chaos is the blind, stupid face of fate; their squealing laughter mocked our dreams of grandeur; their dark tunnels lead downward into old grave-vaults and sewers; they love all that decays because decay reminds them so much of them. Rats are the feculent parasites who gnaw at all things brave and noble until it can be ruined no longer. And even then, they will not leave you alone! Never forget the words of St Ionia:

“There is no way out. There never was one. We’re rats in a maze.”

Rats do not exist because someone told them to or because some higher willed it. They exist because they are the next step in human evolution; they are the natural result of the process that created us. There is no point in hating them – hatred is a pitiful, paltry emotion that belongs to rats just as much as it does to you or me. We must not seek vengeance on them because there is nothing for us to take our revenge on.

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