Why do I Have Spiders in My Home?

Why do I Have Spiders in My Home?

So Why do I Have Spiders in My Home? Spiders are present in just about every property in the UK. But they are also one of the most universally-despised creatures in the country. If you’re sick of spiders spoiling your day, here’s what you need to know to get rid of them.


How Common is Arachnophobia?

Many people are afraid to deal with spiders in their home; quite literally. Arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias in the UK; plenty of men and women are scared of spiders. Reactions from arachnophobes can range from discomfort to terror. No one is sure why this fear seems so pervasive and universal, but there are plenty of theories. Whatever the underlying cause, arachnophobia is a widespread condition.

For some people, arachnophobia makes dealing with even small spiders a stressful experience. But however you feel about spiders, it is important to know that they are not dangerous. Despite persistent rumours and urban myths, the UK doesn’t have any native spider species capable of threatening your life. The vast majority of spiders you will find in your home will be completely harmless.

Why are Spiders in Your Home?

Spiders can appear in your home at any time of year, but they are most common during the autumn and winter months. As the temperature drops, male spiders start looking for a female mate. Most spiders prefer to remain outside, even when it’s cold out. However, if they can find an entry point into your house, they will happily set up shop inside.

When they do build their web in your home, spiders tend to build them high up, usually in the corners of rooms or where the wall and ceiling meet. However, spiders can make their webs just about anywhere. If you regularly clean your entire home, they won’t last long. But if there are parts of your property that you neglect and rarely cover with a broom or duster, a spider web can go unnoticed for a long time.

What You Need to Know About House Spiders in the UK

House spiders in the UK can grow up to around 12 cm in length, although most are smaller than this. There are numerous species of spider native to the UK. However, there hasn’t been a single recorded case of a human dying from a spider bite anywhere in the country. Some of these native species are venomous and will bite humans if they feel threatened. But their venom is designed to kill much smaller prey. For people, a venomous spider bite can be irritating, but they aren’t dangerous.

Female spiders spend most of their time in their nests and rarely leave. When they do, it is only to feed. Most of the spiders you find between August and October will be male spiders out looking for a female. When pregnant, a female spider can carry hundreds of spiderlings. When she lays her eggs, she lays hundreds at a time; each one contains up to 60 young spiders.

How do They Get in?

Even the most massive spiders in the UK are small creatures with small bodies and flexible legs. Because of this, they can find their way into your home through the smallest of gaps.  Once they have entered your home, spiders will usually head straight for corners, where they prefer to build their webs. These aren’t always the corners of rooms; spiders will also happily build their webs in the corners of boxes, behind cupboards, and anywhere else they are likely to remain undisturbed. 

Trying to spider-proof the entire exterior of your home isn’t going to work. But you can reduce their prevalence by sealing any leaky pipes or other readily apparent openings. Spiders will usually run away if they detect a human nearby; even venomous spiders will only attack humans if they feel they have no other choice. Most of the venomous spiders in the UK aren’t even capable of piercing human skin. But if you are unlucky enough to get bitten by one of the few that can, you should only experience a brief and minor sting.

How to Get Rid of Spiders from Your Home

If you notice a spiders’ web in your home, you should remove it immediately. You can use just about anything; a broom, a duster, anything that will reach the web, to destroy it. If you destroy a spiders’ web, the spider will abandon it and look to build a new web elsewhere. If you want to minimise the number of spiders in your home, make an effort to cover the ceilings in every room in your home when you clean. You don’t have to clean these areas thoroughly; just running a duster over them will be enough to get rid of any webs.

If you keep your lights on and your windows open at night, you will attract a variety of bugs to your home. These insects are ideal food for spiders; they will gladly follow them into your home. Keeping your windows closed will prevent bugs and spiders from making entry. If you want to keep your windows open, consider switching to sodium vapour lights that give off a yellow light. Yellow light is much less attractive to bugs and won’t attract them in the same way a standard bulb will.

Not all spiders will build their webs out in the open where you can easily find and destroy them. Many will seek out more sheltered environments like attics and garages. If you want to keep these spiders out of your home, decluttering is an excellent place to start. If you can keep these areas tidy and clutter-free, it will be much easier to spot any webs that are present.

Of course, like any other pest, the most effective and reliable way of dealing with spiders is to call in a professional pest control team. If a female spider has laid eggs in your home and your house is now overrun with tiny spiderlings, you might need a pest control expert to deal with the problem. For some people, going anywhere near a spider is a no-go.

Bon Accord is ready and willing to remove spiders from your home if you need assistance. Whether you’re arachnophobic or you just don’t know what to do, contact us today to see how we can help.


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