Why aren't mice living in the sewers exterminated?

Why aren’t mice living in the sewers exterminated?

So Why aren’t mice living in the sewers exterminated?

You’ve seen them in the movies, scurrying along the sides of buildings and through dark alleys

But they aren’t real, right?

Actually, all over the world there are mice living in sewers. And not just one or two either; entire civilizations of rodents have been known to dwell in underground cities beneath our feet. So why haven’t we ever heard about exterminators going down there to take care of them?

 The truth is that it’s much too dangerous for us humans to go near a sewer opening. Mice can jump up high and grab onto your ankle with their tiny claws and teeth before you even knew what hit you. That being said, these mice have learned that certain actions will get them chased by humans.

Why aren’t mice living in the sewers exterminated?

 Unfortunately, exterminators are quite afraid of mice as well. A mouse can climb over your shoe before you even see them and jump onto the back of your leg without missing a beat! That’s why they always make sure to wear thick leather boots when setting traps in sewers.

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