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Where do roaches come from when they enter a house?

Around 10,000 species of roaches exist worldwide, and every year there are more new species being discovered. All roaches share a similar appearance: they have an oval-shaped body with long antennae and six legs (only four of which touch the ground).

Early American settlers brought pest infestations such as cockroaches to the New World; therefore today we still see this kind of insect wherever people reside. This is not surprising because roaches live off human food and other kinds of trash.

They like warm temperatures and places where they can hide easily such as inside walls or under appliances such as refrigerators. Some roach species also carry diseases that affect humans, making it even more important to eradicate them from our homes.

Where do roaches come from when they enter a house?


They usually come into your house through drains, garbage disposal units, plumbing and air ducts. It’s best to go for professional pest control services like London based Bon Accord Pest Control with their team of licensed experts who can identify the species you are dealing with and offer an effective solution according to the type of roach infestation you have.

Having roaches in the kitchen is terrifying because this could be a serious health hazard due to chemicals that may be present on these insects’ bodies and provided by their exterior skeleton (known as cuticle). This cuticle can also transmit germs which we eat. If we consume them, we could become ill with gastrointestinal infections, hepatitis, dysentery and other diseases. Our pets can get infected too if they put their paws on roach faeces (droppings) that contain such germs.

Cockroach droppings inside your home indicate an infestation which warrants professional treatment because these insects can spread diseases through their faeces such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, E coli bacterial infection and staphylococcus infections that affect humans.

Roach droppings also trigger asthma attacks for allergies sufferers who may get rashes after touching the tiny particles left behind by roaches on surfaces like sinks and counters which contain salivary glands and droppings of roaches.

How quickly do roaches multiply?

Not all roach species share the same reproductive capacity, but most can initiate a new generation every two months under optimal conditions. This means that if you see just one or two roaches in your home, there are probably many more hiding in cracks and crevices where you cannot see them.

What signs indicate that I have a roach infestation?

Roaches leave certain clues behind them such as droppings (which look like dark-colored smudges) and shells (their outer covering). Many people only notice the presence of roaches when they hear strange sounds coming from within their wall or home; by this time it is already quite late because these scavengers will have already multiplied exponentially.

It is best to act quickly if you want to eradicate them from your home because these insects are experts at hiding. They can squeeze through tiny gaps of only about a quarter inch wide which makes it hard for us to find the places where they hide, plus their flat bodies make them look like they are wearing armour so sometimes we don’t even notice them.

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Where do roaches come from when they enter a house?

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