What to put in a rat trap for bait

What to put in a rat trap for bait

So What to put in a rat trap for bait? If cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that cheese is utterly irresistible to rodents. All it takes is one whiff of that yellow gold and rodents will stop at nothing until they’ve found the cheese and eaten it. Unfortunately, life is not a cartoon. In reality, rodents don’t care for cheese at all. Rats are, at best, ambivalent about cheese and some subspecies will actively avoid it. But if not cheese, then what? Fortunately, there are several easily accessible bait options that are much more effective.

One option that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years is chocolate lures. These lures are designed to attract rats for up to a month and are weather-resistant, meaning they will remain stable under all but the most extreme weather conditions. Their long lifespan means you only have to replace them occasionally. They’re also non-toxic to boot.

Peanut butter might seem like an odd choice for baiting a rat trap, but it’s actually a solid choice. Most of us have peanut butter somewhere in our cupboards, and it’s cheap to buy if not. Adding a dollop to your traps is a great way of attracting curious rodents. The texture of peanut butter prevents rodents from snatching it and running away. It takes a while for them to eat it, giving the trap as much of an opportunity as possible to trigger.

Another effective tactic is to use food the rats are used to. For example, if they have been entering your home and stealing pet food, you could try using some as bait for your traps. The rats will already recognise the smell so they will be drawn towards it.

Experimentation is the key to finding the most effective bait for rats. You can always try combining different bait types together as well.

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