What to feed baby rat with eyes closed

What to feed baby rat with eyes closed?


So What to feed baby rat with eyes closed

Baby rats don’t eat any solid food until they are around three weeks old. Until then, they live off their mother’s milk. Rat’s eyes are also sealed shut when they are first born. However, their eyes are still sensitive to light, and the skin covering them is almost completely translucent. Once they reach their third week, around 21 days old, their eyes will open, and they will begin to transition from a liquid diet to eating solid foods.

When rats have their mum around to feed them, this process is a smooth and simple one. But humans don’t have the same intuition and insight as a mother rat has when it comes to her babies. If you’re raising orphaned rat babies, you need to look out for the key milestones that let you know that the pups are maturing and help guide them through each stage of their development.

What to feed baby rat with eyes closed

While their eyes remain sealed shut, baby rats in the wild will live exclusively on their mother’s milk. In captivity, you should try to feed them something as close to their mother’s milk as possible. You can buy formulas designed to replicate the nutritional benefits of the milk they normally consume.

When they first open their eyes, it indicates that the rat pups are ready to begin transitioning to solid foods. However, they won’t make the switch overnight; it should be a gradual process. You should start them off with soft food like bananas and yoghurt before moving onto anything harder. You right find it helpful to soften harder food with a little formula before giving it to them. Sometimes, baby rats will begin to open their eyes before the three-week mark, in some cases a whole week early. Regardless of when their eyes open, you shouldn’t start introducing solid foods until they are at least 21 days old.



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