What temperature wash to kill fleas?

What temperature wash to kill fleas?


So What temperature wash to kill fleas?

Fleas are often one of the most stubborn and persistent pests you are likely to encounter. Not only do they jump between pets and other animals, but they embed themselves in clothes and furniture. Any fabrics that a flea-infested pet comes into contact with should be washed thoroughly to kill off any live fleas and destroy the eggs they leave behind. You don’t necessarily need to use any chemicals or special cleaning solutions to get rid of the fleas. In fact, all you need is a high heat setting. 

Fleas can’t withstand temperatures of 35°C for very long, a temperature that any washing machine should be able to reach with ease. Washing fabrics at a temperature of 60°C or higher is all but guaranteed to get rid of any fleas, just make sure they can withstand the high heat, or you could end up doing some serious damage.

Most clothes and bedding items should have a tag attached that tells you the optimal temperature to wash them at and the maximum temperature they can withstand without suffering damage.

As well as washing your fabrics at the highest possible temperature, there are a couple of other simple things you can do to help get rid of fleas in the wash. For example, you should avoid packing too much washing into the machine; you want as much room as possible so the hot water can reach more of the fabric and catch as many of the fleas as possible. If you have lots of items to wash, consider doing it in smaller batches. There are also some special additives you can add to your washes along with regular detergent to help dislodge any fleas. These usually consist of non-toxic chemicals or essential oils.

However, if the temperature isn’t high enough, no amount of washing will get rid of fleas. You should set your wash to be as hot as possible without damaging the items you’re washing.


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