What temperature to wash to kill fleas?


So What temperature to wash to kill fleas?

Flea infestations can cause all sorts of problems for homeowners. Fleas are one of the most difficult pests to shift once they’ve settled in. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a flea-infested pet will know how stubborn fleas are. They’re small, invasive pests that can easily avoid detection, even when you’re looking closely for them. Following a flea outbreak in your home, you should wash every fabric you think might be contaminated by fleas or flea eggs.

What temperature to wash to kill fleas?

Washing any clothes or bedding that have come into contact with a flea-ridden pet in a washing machine is the most reliable way of getting rid of any fleas that might be present. To ensure you get rid of as many fleas as possible, you need to ensure you use the right settings and don’t overload your machine. You need to wash everything at 35°C or higher to kill any fleas, but you should use the highest temperature that your fabrics can handle. Most things should have a label attached to them that tells you what the maximum washing temperature is. The label will also indicate if the items aren’t suitable for machine washing.

Using a high temperature is important for getting rid of fleas, but temperature alone won’t cut it. When you’re loading your washing machine, make sure you leave plenty of room for the items to move. You want to ensure the hot water can reach as much of the fabric as possible. If the items are packed too tightly, it will inhibit the spread of water and heat. You should not end up with any cold or dry spots, surviving fleas can spread rapidly. If you want to be completely certain that you get rid of all the fleas, you should use a special laundry additive. There is a range of non-toxic chemicals that can enhance the effectiveness of your wash and help dislodge fleas.


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