What temperature kills bed bugs and their eggs

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

What temperature kills bed bugs

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What temperature kills bed bugs and their eggs

Dealing with bedbugs has always been tricky. Not only do you need to take care of the live insects, but you also need to deal with the eggs they leave behind. Bed bugs lay their eggs deep within gaps, cavities and holes in infested rooms.

Heat treatments is a chemical-free treatment . By heating an environment to a sufficiently high temperature, we can kill bedbugs and destroy their eggs in one go. Heat treatments are energy-intensive. 

The whole area needs to reach the desired temperature; if there are any cold spots, the bed bugs can survive. Specially designed heaters ensure the whole area is clean from ed bugs. Sometimes, a steam spray is also used to target areas that are difficult to heat.

What temperature kills bed bugs? 

For these heat treatments to be effective, the ‘kill zone’, the area in which any bedbugs present will die, needs to reach a temperature of between 53 and 70 degrees Centigrade. The entire area must reach this temperature, not just parts of it. Some pest control cowboys have tried to sell heat treatments using conventional heaters. 

Needless to say, these won’t achieve much. Proper heat treatments require specialised heaters and an operator that knows what they’re doing. A computer and multiple temperature sensors monitor the whole area so the pest controller can identify any cold spots easily.

When heat treatments are correctly applied, they are the fastest method for eliminating bed bug infestations. One treatment can take care of the entire bug problem

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FAQ About Bed Bugs

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