What scent will keep mice away

What scent will keep mice away?

Mint, cedar, and peppermint are all scents that are believed to keep mice away.

Mice infestations are among the most common pest control issues affecting homes and businesses in the UK. As a result, it’s no wonder that there’s such a purported array of all-natural home remedies for people who aren’t comfortable with conventional traps and poisons. The use of specific scents to repel mice has gained popularity as a safe and natural deterrent but finding a scent that actually works is challenging.

If you look online, you’ll find no shortage of scents that are alleged to be effective at keeping mice out of homes and businesses. These include everything from peppermint oil to mothballs soaked in Naphthalene and even cayenne pepper extract.

Introducing pungent and unfamiliar smells might cause mice to retreat temporarily. They will also often repel some of the other common insects and pests that live around mice. But rest assured, scents alone aren’t going to alleviate a mouse infestation.

Get Rid of Mice at Home

Instead of investing time and money trying to find a miracle scent that will send mice scurrying away, you’re better off working with a professional pest control business on finding a solution that actually works. There are plenty of humane ways of dealing with mice and removing them from your property. Once the infestation is clear, practising good hygiene and keeping your property as clean and tidy as possible should prevent future outbreaks.

You’ll find no shortage of suggestions for rodent-repelling scents on the internet, but none of these is backed up by any kind of scientific study. Some smells, particularly things like tabasco and capsaicin-containing substances, will have a temporary effect. Still, they aren’t long-term solutions and are impractical to use in many homes and businesses. If you want a rodent-free property, you’ll need to look beyond simple smells to convince mice to leave and stay gone.

Local Pest Control Services

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It’s time to call in the experts. Whether you need help getting rid of mice or protect against diseases they may carry, our team will be here for your every need!

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Pest Control Prices

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