Do Rats Like Cheese and Can They Eat It?

Contrary to popular belief perpetuated by cartoons and cultural folklore, rats don’t have a specific inclination towards cheese, although they can eat it. Being omnivores, rats have a wide-ranging diet and they prefer to consume foods high in carbohydrates and sugars, such as fruits, grains, and nuts. Cheese, being high in fat and protein, is not their first choice but they will not shun it if it’s readily available.


However, it’s essential to understand that just because rats can eat cheese, doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for their health. The high-fat content in cheese can lead to obesity and other health problems in rats if consumed in large quantities. Therefore, moderation is key when offering cheese as a food source to rats.

Understanding Rat Dietary Preferences

Rats, by nature, are opportunistic eaters, which means they are likely to eat whatever is available. However, they exhibit certain preferences, and those are typically directed towards foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars. Foods like grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are a big part of a rat’s natural diet, owing to their easy digestibility and nutrient content. If rats are given a choice, they are more likely to choose these foods over high-protein or high-fat foods like cheese. But in urban environments where food sources may be mixed or limited, rats may consume a wider range of items, including cheese.

The Health Implications of Cheese Consumption in Rats

While rats can indeed eat cheese, it is not the best dietary choice for them. Cheese is high in fat, and when consumed in large quantities, it can contribute to obesity and related health issues in rats. Additionally, just like in humans, some rats can be lactose intolerant, which means that consuming dairy products like cheese could cause digestive problems. A rat’s diet should ideally be balanced and varied, providing all the necessary nutrients without excessive fats or sugars. If cheese is to be given to rats, it should be done sparingly and as part of a wider dietary plan.

If you only know one thing about rats, it is surely that they love cheese and will stop at nothing to get their paws on it. But it turns out that cartoons have been misleading us all since childhood. Not only do rats and other rodents generally avoid cheeses, but there are only certain cheeses they have any interest in at all. For anyone who owns a pet rat, understanding their complicated relationship with cheese is essential before you consider adding any to their food.

Some Rats Dont Love Cheese

Some of you who already know that rats don’t always love cheese might have heard the equally untrue myth that rats are lactose intolerant. Individual rats might be lactose intolerant, but the average rat isn’t; they just don’t like the smell and taste of most cheese. However, if your rat reacts badly after eating cheese and is sick or has diarrhoea, they may well be lactose intolerant, and you should avoid giving them any more.

What kind of cheese do rats like?

Rats, known for their diverse diet, have a varied range of favorite foods, extending beyond the stereotypical association with cheese. While soft cheese, including rat cheese or blue cheese, may have a strong smell that piques their curiosity, rats are more likely to be drawn to other foods that meet their nutritional needs. While peanut butter, with its strong smell and sticky texture, can be an effective bait in trapping rats, it may surpass the appeal of soft cheese alone.

However, it’s important to consider a combination of enticing foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts to effectively attract these resourceful rodents. So while soft cheese can be used as a bait option due to its strong aroma, rats are more likely to be enticed by a diverse array of food options rather than solely relying on cheese.

When rats do eat cheese, they prefer hard or semi-hard cheeses. These cheeses undergo a washing process to remove excess whey and also have lower lactose and fat contents than soft cheeses. Most hard cheeses made from cow or goat’s milk are fine for rats, as long as they don’t have any additional ingredients like nuts and chilis.

The main cheeses to avoid are soft cheeses, which are too chewy for rats to eat properly. Rats don’t have molars to break down their food before swallowing, so gloopy foods like soft cheeses can be a serious choking hazard. Rats also lack a natural gag reflex, which means they are far more prone to choking.

If in doubt, it’s best to avoid giving cheese to a rat altogether. Cheese is fine as an occasional treat, but you need to be careful about which cheeses you feed them.

What foods rats love to eat the most?

Rats have specific food preferences and are drawn to a variety of items. While their preferences may vary slightly depending on factors such as their natural habitat and individual tastes, the following foods are generally known to be particularly appealing to rats:

  1. Grains: Rats have a strong affinity for grains such as rice, oats, wheat, and corn. These foods are rich in carbohydrates and provide a readily available source of energy.
  2. Fruits: Rats are fond of fruits, especially sweet and juicy ones. Apples, bananas, berries, and grapes are commonly enjoyed by rats. However, it’s important to note that fruits should be offered in moderation due to their natural sugar content.
  3. Vegetables: Rats have a taste for vegetables like carrots, broccoli, peas, and leafy greens. These provide essential vitamins and minerals, and the fibrous texture can help maintain their dental health.
  4. Nuts and seeds: Rats are known to enjoy nuts and seeds, such as almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. These items are high in fat and protein, which are important components of a rat’s diet.
  5. Protein sources: Rats are omnivorous and require protein in their diet. They may be attracted to lean meats, cooked eggs, and even small insects like mealworms.

It’s crucial to ensure that rats are provided with a nutritionally balanced diet that includes a mix of these food groups. Offering a variety of options allows rats to meet their nutritional needs while also stimulating their foraging instincts. Remember to provide fresh food and remove any uneaten items to maintain hygiene.


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