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What is the structure of a cockroach?

So hat is the structure of a cockroach? A cockroach is an insect with six legs, two antennae and a segmented body. The cockroach’s tegument has external openings which connect to chemo receptive organs on the inside of their bodies. A cockroach has leathery forewings that are thickened at the base and membranous at the tips, which cover its hind wings that are held under its forewings when walking or resting.

Cockroaches are usually active only at night when they leave their hideouts in sewers, basements, cracks etc., but during the day they rest inside dark dirty places. They can be found in almost any place where organic matter can be found because they feed on all kinds of rubbish including dead animals,and faeces. Their flattened bodies and appendages give them a widespread body plan that allows them to hide in small cracks and crevices. The American cockroach can grow up to 40 mm long, while the German cockroach only reaches 25mm.

What are their habitats?

Cockroaches can be found anywhere where there is human activity, such as restaurants, hospitals, offices even in kitchens in your own home. They particularly like warm humid conditions with a food source available nearby to eat or for laying their eggs. A number of species live in dark isolated spots around sewers and drains, while many tropical species live inside moist forests in rotten logs and tree stumps. Two common pest species include the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) and the German cockroach (Blattella germanica).

Why do people use cockroach traps? 

Cockroaches and other insects inside your home can be a very irritating problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. With the help of modern sciences and technologies, devices such as roach motels and cockroach traps have been invented which attract these pests using bait and then  trap them. Such products are widely available on the market today. The advantage is obvious: they make it easier to achieve quick results without having to invest time or effort in trying to remove the pests by yourself.

The most common methods for controlling cockroaches at home involve either physical removal of those you see, either contact insecticides (sprays and aerosols), or baits (traps).

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What is the structure of a cockroach?

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