Do mothballs repel cockroaches?

What is the best product to kill cockroaches?

There is no single best product to kill cockroaches, because there are many different types of cockroaches. These include the Oriental Cockroach, Brown-Banded Cockroach, American Cockroach and German Cockroach which all have a differing resistance to various pesticides or poisons.

The most effective way to get rid of a specific cockroach species is using a multi-pronged approach. Using poison is one of the most common ways, but it must be reapplied constantly for it to have a lasting effect, and should never be used where children or pets can come into contact with them.

Using glue traps has proven successful in trapping cockroaches that roam around a home, but using a professional pest control service like BonAccord Pest Control, London based pest control company, can help exterminate these creatures with minimal fuss.For more information on how Bon Accord Pest Control can help you with your cockroach problem visit:

Cockroach Control 

Cockroaches are often the main culprits in food poisoning cases because of their ability to spread bacteria. They carry pathogens on their bodies and deposit them where they have been walking or laying eggs .

Roaches are commonly found in filth with rotting material, but most often food particles which they feed on. They are nocturnal creatures that thrive in areas with high populations of humans and their waste.


Having cockroaches at home is not just disgusting or unsanitary, it is also unhealthy for your family. Cockroaches spread different kinds of diseases. Type of bacteria called salmonella they have the tendency to carry. Salmonella are tiny amounts that cockroaches can distribute by walking or laying eggs around where you live, leaving people who come in contact with them at risk for food poisoning.

There are also other bacteria that cockroaches carry such as streptococcus, staphylococcus and coliform which can increase your chance of getting sick.

Prevention is always the best solution to any kind of health hazard, so be sure to keep your home clean and cook food properly. Utilise different ways to eliminate them from your abode. For example, you can buy different cockroach killers available in the market that are odour-free and highly effective to remove these insect pests.

You can also take advantage of professional pest control services like Bon Accord Pest Control, London based pest control company, who will be able to help with any kind of rodent infestation issues; whether it is a cockroach problem, rat problem or any other type of pest infestation issue.

Why Bon Accord Pest Control?

Since 2002, Bon Accord Pest Control has been keeping homes safe from pests like roaches, ants and rodents. If you’re looking for an efficient pest control company with staff who can answer your questions and bring your pest problem to a quick resolution, call us today.

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