What is the best mice repellent?

What is the best mice repellent?

So What is the best mice repellent?

It is difficult to get rid of mice, it requires determination and great patience. That’s why people try everything – from old wives’ remedies to special commercial repellents. However, not everything works for everyone.

So what is the best mice repellent?

This question can be easily answered with a few points to consider:

– Mice are attracted by smell – food smell, smell of their own droppings or urine, etc. That’s why they will never leave our house if there are any traces of them somewhere. And usually you won’t notice these traces very soon because mice urinate once in ten days at most while leaving only four or five faecal pellets per day! Thus the cleaning should be done regularly.

– Mice don’t like light and spaces. So we can use these principles to drive them out of our house: put bright lights in the places they like (the more, the better) and leave no place where mice could hide (all holes should be tightly stuffed with anything).

– Mice are afraid of new odours. That’s why you should try to change those things that make a bad smell or become wet, such as old food bits, dirty tissue paper packs, etc. This will also take care of your cleanliness – if you keep it up all the time, mice won’t have any chance to “smell” their presence there!

– The best way is to prevent mice from coming inside at all. Make sure that your house is tightly sealed (put rubber bands around the door thresholds, etc.) and pay attention to small things that mice may chew into – like tiny cracks or holes too small for you to find.Mice can never be a threat if you keep your house clean and make sure that they have nothing to eat there.

* What is the best mice repellent?

Nearly all of them, but the most popular ones are: ammonia, peppermint oil , moth balls, cloves, hydrated lime or better yet professional  pest control service like Bon Accord Pest Control. We can help with all kinds of pest management issues. 

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