What is the best bait for rats?

What is the best bait for rats?

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Best bait for rats? What is the best bait for rats?

Rats are too big for many of the mousetraps used to kill mice; they require a different approach. There are lethal traps designed for rats on the market, but working out which ones you can truly rely upon to get the job done can be a headache. In most cases, it’s much more straightforward to use a baited live trap or poisoned bait to capture or kill rats on your property. But baited traps are only as effective as the bait you use with them. Finding an effective bait is key to ensuring their efficacy and ridding your home of rats as quickly as possible.What is the best bait for rats? What is the best bait for rats? 

Rats love high fat and high energy food. Whereas mice can subside on crumbs and scraps, rats need to eat relatively substantial meals in comparison. Food that’s high in fat and provides lots of calories can sustain a rat for longer and help them survive against the elements. Despite what cartoons have told you, cheese isn’t a very effective bait for mice or rats.

Believe it or not, one of the most effective baits available is peanut butter. Not only does peanut butter attract rats, but its consistency and texture prevent them from snatching it away from the trap and running away unscathed. The peanut butter will draw rats into live traps and keep them busy while the door shuts behind them. 

If you’re using lethal traps, the rats will have to spend some time eating the peanut butter; they can’t dash in and out. This enhances the efficiency of lethal traps and reduces the number of rats that manage to trigger the trap without dying or steal the bait without triggering the trap. Other effective baits include cubes of bacon, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other meats.

How To Get Rid Of Rats?

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