What is a feeder rat?

What is a feeder rat?

So what is a feeder rat? Most rats available for sale in pet stores come from large-scale breeding programs, and many aren’t actually intended as pets. Some rats are to be sold as pets, but many are destined to be eaten by snakes and other reptiles that need to be fed live prey. These rats are feeder rats, and there are many misconceptions about them.

One of the main points of confusion surrounding feeder rats is whether they make good pets or not. But there are many more differences between feeder rats and pets rats than people tend to realise. For one thing, pet rats and feeder rats are raised in very different environments. These different environments lead to some significant differences in the rodents’ long-term health and development.

Because feeder rats are specifically to end up as food for other pets, they often don’t socialise with other rodents and lack the emotional and intellectual development that pet rats benefit from. This lack of development means that feeder rats are more difficult to train and tend to be more aggressive towards people.

Because feeder rats and pet rats are the same animals and usually come from the same sources, many people see feeder rats as affordable and readily-available alternatives to more expensive pet rats. But there are good reasons for selling feeder rats and pet rats separately, feeder rats can be problematic as regular pets and are more prone to a raft of health issues that shorten their lifespan.

Feeder rats are the perfect food for snakes and other reptiles that eat live prey, but they shouldn’t be used interchangeably with pet rats. If you’re looking for a pet rat, you should look for a rat that has been raised to be a pet from birth.

What is a feeder rat?

 A feeder rat is a rodent that is bred and to be food for other animals, most commonly snakes. They are typically young rats, less than eight weeks old, and they are fed a diet that is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of snakes.

Why use feeder rats?

There are several reasons why people use feeder rats, but perhaps the most important reason is that using feeder rodents allows people to keep their pets in the most natural and healthy environment possible. Rats who are sold as food do not go through the stress of transport and handling once they reach a pet store (thus reducing their life expectancy).

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