What insects does cypermethrin kill?

What insects does cypermethrin kill?

Cypermethrin is a chemical that will kill many insects, including bed bugs, ants, fleas and many more.

Cypermethrin is what is known as a ‘broad-spectrum insecticide.’ This means that it works as a potent, fast-acting neurotoxin against many types of insect. As a result, cypermethrin is an active ingredient in large numbers of agricultural and domestic insecticides. Spraying cypermethrin over cracks and crevices will ensure that any insects trying to use them as entry points will soon die. It degrades quickly on soil and can also remain active on indoor services for relatively long periods of time. Cypermethrin is non-toxic to humans and is safe to use around pets. However, users should take caution if there are any fish nearby as cypermethrin is highly toxic to fish.


So what insects does cypermethrin kill?

When an insect comes into contact with cypermethrin or ingests it as an aerosol, the compound rapidly gets to work, interfering with nerve signalling in the insect’s body, leading to paralysis. Once paralysed, the insect cannot perform its usual biological functions and ultimately dies because it is unable to feed itself. Cypermethrin is regularly used by pest control professionals and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Gardeners can safely use cypermethrin as an insecticide in greenhouses and on ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs.

Cypermethrin can take up to 24 hours to kill its target, although exposed insects should remain paralysed until death. It can remain active on surfaces for as long as 90 days, so you don’t need to reapply it frequently. Cypermethrin will kill most types of insect you are likely to encounter in the UK. If you hire a professional pest control service, they will likely use cypermethrin to resolve any insect infestations they deal with.

What insects does cypermethrin kill?

Cypermethrin is a potent weapon against many types of insects. It will kill bedbugs, ants or termites for example but also cockroaches and scorpions which might otherwise be considered as pests in your home!

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