What do rats in the attic sound like?

What do rats in the attic sound like?

So What do rats in the attic sound like? Despite their small size, rats can make a lot of noise when they want to. If you have rats loose in your attic, there will usually be several indications; the noises they make are one of the most obvious. If you can hear scratching coming from your attic, or you can hear something moving around up there, it could indicate a rodent infestation. Rats are bigger than mice and tend to make more noise, but your home’s walls will naturally amplify the noises made by either animal. This effect can make it sound like whatever is in your attic is much bigger than it really is.

What do rats in the attic sound like?

Rats and mice aren’t the only culprits when you hear strange noises coming from your attic. Squirrels also occasionally find their way in and cause problems for homeowners. You will usually only hear squirrels in the early morning and late evening, Rats, on the other hand, will be scurrying around and making noise throughout the day. Rats are even more prone to gnawing on things than mice. In fact, rats have to continually find something to gnaw on because their teeth never stop growing; gnawing keeps them at a manageable length. If you can hear gnawing sounds, you know you have mice or rats in your attic. The volume and frequency of the gnawing sounds can help you differentiate between the two.

Like mice, rats can find their way into most spaces in your home. Wall cavities and loft insulation provide additional warmth and comfort for them. If you think you can hear rats or mice on the other side of your walls or ceiling, tapping them with your finger will usually cause the rodents to silence themselves and move to another area.

Amazing Facts about sounds rats make in the attic

The sound made by rats in the attic is one of the most unsettling, anxiety provoking sounds that people can hear. This type of noise can cause major disruption to someone’s life and become very frustrating. The following list contains some facts about these noises so you can better understand what you are hearing.


  1. Rats will make scratching noises with their claws as they run along beams or pipes inside your walls or through your attic. This is often why people think they might have squirrels making the noise even though squirrels don’t live inside homes like rats do. These scratching noises are often only at night when rodents are active and looking for food.
  2. Sometimes chewing or gnawing sounds are heard coming from an attic which again could be mistaken for squirrels. However, rats are the only type of animal that gnaws on things as they look for food
  3. A high-pitched squealing or screeching noise is also often heard when rats are fighting or mating. This sound can be very irritating and disturbing to listen to
  4. Rats will also sometimes make a low guttural growling noise which is usually done when they feel threatened or cornered. This noise can be quite scary, especially if you are not expecting it
  5. If there is a large infestation of rats in your attic, you may hear them running around and bumping into things as they move about. This can create quite a noisy disturbance and be heard throughout the house
  6. Rats are known to urinate anywhere they go because their urine has a very distinct, unpleasant odor. If you have heard scratching noises in your attic, there is a good chance that this smell will be seeping through your ceiling or walls. Even if you can’t see the rat droppings or any physical sign of rodents, you should still check for damage in case rats have already chewed their way into your home
  7. Rats leave behind dead skin cells as they move around. These can accumulate over time and create quite an unsightly mess in an attic where rats are living

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