What do mice find irresistible?

What do mice find irresistible?

Mice are like any other animal; their main concerns are ensuring they have access to food, shelter, and water. However, while mice are omnivores that will eat almost anything they can get their paws on, there are some foods that they find utterly irresistible. If you want to attract mice into traps, these are the best foods to use as bait.

Sweet and sugary substances like honey, syrup, and jam are all irresistible to mice. The smell will draw them in, although the consistency will make it difficult for them to eat quickly. This can be an advantage if mice are snatching food from your traps without triggering them. Placing a dollop of honey or maple syrup on your traps as bait is an excellent way of encouraging mice to investigate.

What do mice find irresistible?

Like many of us, mice love chocolate and candy. While they make for excellent bait, they can be difficult to place on a trap. Larger traps such as cage traps are better-suited to this kind of bait because you can easily set the bait on the floor. 

In nature, mice’s diets consist primarily of fruit, seeds, and nuts. All of these make excellent irresistible bait, but mice will also eat meat when it’s available. High-protein options like hot dogs and beef jerky are effective choices because the meat won’t go bad when left out. You don’t need a big slice of meat to use as bait; you only need to cut off a small piece.

Many people have found using wet pet food to work effectively as bait. The food is designed to taste and smell nice to animals, and it contains plenty of protein. If you already have pet food at home, this also saves you the trouble of buying food just to use as bait.

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