What do Carpet Moth Eggs Look Like?

Answering the question: What do carpet moth eggs look like and What Clothes moth eggs look like? 

Clothes moth eggs are about the size of a pinhead. They are a creamy-white color and they look like tiny grains of rice.

The eggs of clothes moths are usually laid on woolen items, but they can also be found on other animal products such as fur, feathers, and leather.

The common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) likes to feed off wool and other animal fibres, so it’s particularly fond of clothing that’s hanging around in your wardrobe – including hand-knitted jumpers – as well as fur coats and leather garments. 

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Carpet moth eggs photo

Moths are among the most frequent insect invaders that the average home or business has to deal with. If you can see a full-grown adult specimen on your property, there’s a good chance they will be looking to lay some eggs or recently have done so. Moth eggs are about as small as you would expect of an insect this size, and they take extra care to lay them where they are less likely to be noticed and disturbed. Even if you manage to remove every adult from your property, you will be dealing with a carpet moth infestation if they have left any eggs behind.

Carpet moth eggs

Carpet moth eggs appear as small white specs on the floor. They are often difficult to spot unless you are looking for them specifically. After the larvae hatch, they will eat the egg casings before moving on to any other fibres they can find. In their natural habitat (which isn’t your carpet, believe it or not), carpet moths tend to lay their eggs in birds nests, which are rich in keratin. This protein is found in numerous animal fibres and household dust, so there is plenty of it in the average home or business for a hungry young carpet moth.


The exact appearance of carpet moth eggs will depend on the type of moth that laid them. The terms ‘carpet moth’ and ‘clothes moth’ are used interchangeably depending on where their eggs are found. Over a period of four to seven days, the female carpet moth will lay anywhere between 40 and 100 eggs. They are well-hidden until they hatch and the larvae start wreaking havoc. The best way of avoiding a carpet moth infestation is regular and thorough vacuuming of your carpets.

Identifying A Carpet Moth Eggs

  • The carpet moth is smaller than a common house moth; with a body about 5mm long and a wingspan of about 14-18mm.
  • Carpet moths are buff coloured, with forewings that usually have three distinct dots. The hind wings are smaller in comparison, and lighter coloured.
  • The carpet moth will rarely fly and are more likely to be seen hopping about at floor level.
  • The Case Bearing moth (Tinea pellionella) leaves small white cases, similar  to grains of rice, out of which the moths hatch.

What Clothes moth eggs look like? 

Clothes moth eggs are about the size of a pinhead. They are a creamy-white color and they look like tiny grains of rice.

The eggs of clothes moths are usually laid on woolen items, but they can also be found on other animal products such as fur, feathers, and leather.

So what do carpet moth eggs look like?

If you’re curious, the eggs of a moth look like small yellow balls. The caterpillar of a moth is called a larva. It looks like little white balls with black spots on them!

Tips on finding & identifying carpet moths

On this video you will find tips how to find carpet moths. How moth eggs look like


What Are Carpet Beetles UK?

Carpet beetles are small insects that feed on carpet materials. They live outdoors, feeding off pollen and nectar, but carpet beetles are also common pests in homes.

Carpet beetles are a group of beetles that feed on materials containing keratin, especially wool and silk.

There are three types of carpet beetles in the United Kingdom: black carpet beetles, furniture carpet beetles and varied carpet beetles.

You must know the carpet beetle larvae can cause damage to carpets and furnishings by eating keratin, the main constituent of hair and wool, cocoon silk and pet hairs.

Carpet beetles UK are the most common type of insect pests home owners would experience in their homes. Carpet beetles can be found in various types and are known to infest all types of carpets.

Types of carpet beetles commonly found in homes include the varied carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, blackcarpet beetle, and the fur carpet beetle.

Damaged carpet at the photo.

Carpet Beetle UK

The varied carpet beetle- Unlike other types of carpet beetles, the varied carpet beetle won’t infest human made carpets but prefers dishes made of larder meat.

The furniture carpet beetle is the most widespread furniture pest in the UK. Like the name implies, this carpet beetle only infest surfaces in furniture. If you want to avoid problems with this beetle, be sure to keep furniture freefrom food particles.

The black carpet beetle is the type that infests woolen carpets. This type can be dangerous to humans if they are not properly removed because their larvae produce an enzyme that is believed to break down human cell tissue.

The fur carpet beetle is the most destructive of all types of carpet beetles as they prefer animal fibers such as mohair, silk,cashmere, or any other fur. This type of carpet beetle will even eat synthetic fibers just for the sake of eating.

Carpet beetles pose a threat to homes not only because they infest all types of carpet and fabrics but also because these insects will even eat animal and plant products. These carpet beetles can eat anything from animal, plant, and even human hair to the stuffing of furniture. If left untreated, carpet beetles will cause extensive damage to your carpet, upholstery, or other fabrics.

So What Do Carpet Moth Eggs Look Like ?

What does moth eggs look like? Carpet moths eggs on the picture belove.

Carpet moth eggs are white and oval-shaped. Eggs are the size of a pinhead and on average, there are about 50 eggs found per female carpet moth

 The larvae areoff-white colored and about an inch long. They have hairs that grow on its body that help deflect any predators who may try to eat it.As they get older, the larvae goes through 5 different stages of molting. Each time it molts, it becomes larger and larger.

Living in a household with pets, children or other family members can be stressful. Carpet moths live in carpets and rugs, but they also lay their eggs there. Londoners often wonder what do carpet moth eggs look like, here are a couple of photos.

Can you see carpet moth moth eggs?

You may be able to find carpet moth eggs in your home, and they’ll most likely be white or cream colored. The larvae of these insects feed on fibers such as wool, silk and old carpets which become damaged due this chewing behavior when it starts eating their way through the fabric until its done laying an egg sac full for new generations coming soon!

How Do I Get Rid Of Carpet Moths?

The most effective carpet moth control is achieved by using a proffesional pest control company.In order to prevent a future infestation, it’s important to ensure your home is kept clean. Ensuring that you vacuum thoroughly around the edges of the room and under furniture is imperative, as moths will thrive in undisturbed areas. 

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10 Amazing Carpet Moths Facts

  1. Carpet moths are found in almost every part of the world, but prefer warmer climates. In the United States, there are thirty to forty species that have been identified .
  2. The larvae descend from their eggs and burrow themselves into any material they can find to create a cocoon. This can include carpets, rugs, clothing, furs, and other fabrics.
  3. The female moth will lay anywhere from one hundred to two thousand eggs during her lifetime.
  4. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae will eat through the fabric in search of food, creating unsightly holes.5. If the infestation is left untreated, the larvae can damage or completely ruin carpets, rugs, clothing, and other fabrics.
  5. The larvae are able to spin a web of silk that helps them stay together and move throughout the fabric they are eating.
  6. Carpet moth eggs are cream or light yellow in color and can be difficult to see.
  7. Eggs typically hatch within a week to ten days after they are laid.
  8. The larvae will go through three stages of development before becoming adults. These stages are known as instars.
  9. Carpet moth eggs and larvae are easy to control with the use of an effective insecticide.

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