What do baby rats sound like?

What do baby rats sound like?

So What do baby rats sound like?

Rats are noisy animals. As well as the noises they make scurrying across attics and gnawing on fixtures; they use various squeaking, hissing, and other sounds to communicate with one another. The reason they can seem pretty quiet to us is that many of these noises are at frequencies that human ears can’t detect. Several studies have found that baby rats, like baby humans, are very vocal and use a similarly wide range of noises to communicate. But the vocalisations baby rats use to communicate are different from those observed in adult rats, suggesting that they, like people, use communication as part of play with their siblings when they are young. As they mature and their behaviour changes, so does their vocabulary.

What do baby rats sound like?

However, the majority of sounds baby rats make are inaudible to humans, which goes some way to explaining how large numbers of baby rats can go undetected if their nest is out of sight. Rats generally communicate using short, high-pitched squeaks, which they also use to communicate with one another while playing. Most of the noises adult rats make that fall within the range of human hearing consist of long squeals that usually indicate distress or discomfort. 

One of the more unusual noises rats make as they get older is a chirping noise, similar to a bird. Rats chirp in response to being groomed, something they like a lot. If you have a pet rat, you’ve probably heard them making this strange sound while being brushed or stroked.

As a baby rat’s teeth grow, they will also add another noise to their repertoire called bruxing. Bruxing is the noise produced when a rat grinds their teeth together. Scientists think that rats use bruxing in the same way that a cat will purr to indicate they are content.


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