What causes carpet moths?

Carpet moth infestations are among the most common pest problems that pest control professionals have to deal with. Not only are these bugs unsightly, but they can cause serious property damage. Severe carpet moth infestations can be among the most expensive infestations to deal with, especially where they require new carpets.

But where do these troublesome bugs actually come from? Believe it or not, carpet moths usually live outdoors, making their homes in birds nests. They end up in people’s homes because they are so easily picked up by shoes, clothes, and pets. They also often make their way in on second-hand furniture that has been infested.

You can prevent carpet moth infestations by keeping yourself, your children, and your pets away from birds nests. If you purchase any second-hand furniture, regardless of the source, make sure you give it a thorough clean before bringing it into your home. Even if there aren’t any live bugs present, their eggs can hatch later and cause problems.

Unless you hire a professional pest control technician to deal with the infestation for you, you will probably need some combination of powders, sprays, and other chemical devices to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that these will work, and you could find yourself facing a resurgent infestation in a few months. If you want to be certain that a nascent carpet moth infestation will be dealt with thoroughly and promptly, it’s best to call in the pest control experts from the beginning. Professional pest control is still cheaper than new carpets!

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