What attracts mice?

Mice have the same basic needs as any other animal; their primary concerns are obtaining food, shelter, and water. People’s homes naturally provide all of these in abundance, which is why mice so often end up entering our properties uninvited. Once inside your home, mice can cause serious damage and present a very real health hazard. Knowing what they are looking for in your home in the first place enables you to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently attracting them.

The biggest lure for mice is food. They can sustain themselves on nothing more than the crumbs that people leave behind. If you want to avoid attracting mice into your home, you need to clean up after yourself. Mice will also scavenge exposed food from bins and any other containers they can gain access to. While mice will eat just about anything, they’re particularly fond of grains, seeds, and fruits. They love anything high in carbohydrates.

Mice also love to burrow and build nests. They frequently seek out the most cluttered areas on a property to build their nests. This is one of the reasons they like to build nests in attics and garages. If you want to discourage mice from nesting in your home, you should declutter these areas. When making their nests, mice also look for warmth. As the temperature drops in the colder months of the year, mice will greatly prefer the warmth of people’s homes to the cold, exposed outdoors. They can even detect warmth through wall openings, so once they’re in your house, mice will gravitate towards boilers and other appliances that give off a lot of heat.

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