Types of Cockroaches In The UK

Types of Cockroaches In The UK


Types of Cockroaches In The UK

Having cockroaches in your home is not a pleasant experience. And if you ever find yourself having to deal with one, then it’s important that you know what type of roach it is so we’ve prepared this blog post on the most common types found in Britain today!

There are a dozen or so types of cockroach in the UK, and German ones bother us most. They probably made their way across Europe with ships 200 years ago. The insects can live up to 10 weeks at time, they eat pretty much anything including each other! When you see these shiny brown bodies scurrying around your kitchen floor as you turn off lights at night it is not because darkness has brought them out-it’s just how long they’ve been alive for already.


You can take matters into your own hands and try to get rid of the infestation yourself, but it is better if you let a professional handle all that.


Despite the fact that many people believe roaches will survive a nuclear explosion, can live up to 100 years and eat clothes given half of chance, these are all myths. In reality they carry diseases as well as being an absolute nightmare to get rid of! Germans even go so far as eating bedding or their clothing if it is left out by accident.


We’re all familiar with cockroaches, and in London they are particularly abundant. While many people find them to be a nuisance when spotted crawling around their kitchen or dining table at night, I think it’s pretty cool that we get to see such interesting creatures. It really is impressive how much these little guys can thrive even in the busiest cities of Europe!

We’ve come across something similar before but this time there were more examples used which made the essay sound less repetitive


German Cockroaches


German cockroaches are identified by their oval-shaped bodies and light brown coloring. The main distinctive feature of these species is two dark, parallel stripes starting from the head and continuing along the thorax. Adult German roach size can vary between 1 to 1 ½ cm long


Life Cycle


German cockroaches are some of the most common household pests. They have a rapid growth cycle, requiring only 60 days to develop from an egg to fully grown adults! Nymphs start out darker in color and usually have the same distinctive lines on their backs as adult German roaches do.

Pesticides can be used but it is not recommended due to exposure risks like asthma or nausea which may affect members living in homes with German Cockroach infestations. 


German cockroaches live for several months and lay up six batches per year consisting about 50 eggs each batch every season if there’s no pest control intervention conducted by family members inside households where they reside causing them stress that affects reproduction rates negatively thus prolonging lifespan significantly since



German cockroaches are found in warm, humid climates such as homes. They like to be around food and water sources so they can find shelter too. This is why you may have seen these creatures outside of your home during the winter when it’s colder—they go looking for warmer places!



German cockroaches are one of the most destructive roach species in existence. They’re voracious eaters who will consume anything to survive, including toothpaste and soap! If they don’t have adequate food supplies available, German cockroaches might resort to cannibalism as a last resort for survival – that’s why it is important not only kill them quickly but also completely remove their source of sustenance by maintaining cleanliness around your home or workplace at all times so these pests can never enter again.



German cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, and usually only come out during the night. However, if their population becomes overcrowded or they’re disturbed by something like a predator or insecticides you’ve spread around your house, then it’s possible to see them outside in broad daylight when most people would be away from home.


German cockroaches have adapted to avoid insecticides, making it harder for them to be eradicated. It is possible that they can become resistant over time as well; this makes getting professional help more important than ever before.


Signs Of Infestation

Are you noticing a musty odor, or tiny black specks that look like pepper flakes? If so, it’s likely German cockroaches. Here are some signs to keep in mind:


– Droppings can be found near their entry spots (cracks and corners) or where they’re living

– An oily/musty smell is common with these roaches 

– Egg capsules may appear as yellowish brown smudges


Oriental Cockroaches


Oriental cockroaches are becoming an increasingly common problem in the UK. This particular species appears to be very tolerant of cold and damp climates, which may explain their success within the UK. The cockroach was first seen in London, but is now a country-wide problem, being found throughout England and Scotland.

This species of cockroach ( Blatta orientalis ) does not pose a health risk to humans like some other pest species do through the contamination of foodstuffs with droppings and regurgitation. In fact Oriental cockroaches have been used as laboratory animals for medical research for over 60 years! They are more of a household nuisance than anything else – an adult female produces around 30 young during her1-year life span, which may go some way towards explaining their rapid spread.


If you think of a big black crawling creature when someone says “cockroach”, then you are thinking about Oriental cockroaches. Females tend to be bigger than males and their bodies can grow up to two inches in length whereas male lengths vary between one-and-a-half to three centimeters long on average. The distinctive features that men have is small wings located on the back area but do not worry because they cannot fly with them at all.

Life Cycle

Oriental cockroaches have an intense life cycle, with about 200 eggs in a lifetime and 10 molts during their 6-12 month lifespan. They develop inside of “ootheca”, which are basically egg sacs that the female attaches to her abdomen for several days before disposing of them. The babies hatch after six to 12 months from nymph form into fully grown adults capable of shedding up to ten times over the course of this period leaving skin trails all around where they live.


Oriental cockroaches tend to be found in wet areas, such as under rocks or debris. However, they are more likely to live outside and can sometimes even move into sewers during summer for access to water.



These cockroaches are scavengers and feed on garbage or old decomposing food. They can go without any water for a month but if they have no access to it after two weeks, then these insects die. 

Cockroaches’ diet is mainly composed of decaying matter such as fruit peels in your garden composting which isn’t advised since this attracts them more than anything else so be wary about what you’re leaving around!



Oriental cockroaches are attracted to areas where there is available water and food sources. If they have found one of these, it’s likely you will find a large population in that area because their survival heavily depends on them. Oriental cockroaches tend to move into more humid and cool spots if the temperature becomes too hot for them living within your house structure.”


Signs Of Infestation

Oriental Cockroaches have a very special smell. Their egg capsules are red and relatively small, about 1 cm long. There is also an unmistakable musty odour that cockroaches leave behind when they inhabit a place – this helps them identify each other’s presence!


American Cockroaches

How To Identify American Cockroach

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is the biggest in size and can fly. It has a brownish body, two big wings on its back that are unable to be used by babies but developed enough for adults to use them at will.


The “monster” of domestic cockroaches, the American roach (Periplaneta americana)is an invasive insect with features such as being able-bodied fliers who have large brown bodies measuring up to 5 cm long! Both male and female specimens possess these traits; however baby roaches do not even have fully-developed wings yet they still get around just fine using their six legs like all other young ones under adult supervision…


Life Cycle

The American cockroach is the longest living of all types, with a life cycle lasting 700 days. Like regular roaches, females produce egg cases during adult life and on average can give birth to 150 baby cockroaches over her lifetime after hatching from an estimated 13 sheddings within their first year of adulthood.


American Cockroaches have one of the longest lifespans in comparison to other species – 700 days! Females also create 10 egg cases throughout their lifespan which results in around 150 babies at once if they were allowed enough time for them to hatch into young adults before dying themselves as well. This new information about this bug’s biology makes it even more interesting than previously thought when writing my research paper last semester!



One of the reasons why American cockroaches are so successful is because they can live in areas that have high humidity and temperatures. They like to be warm, which makes it easy for them to hide places such as basements or foundation cracks where there’s water exposure.


American Cockroaches’ success comes from their ability to survive conditions with high humidity and warmth; common hiding spots include basements, building foundations, walls (where insulation may cause moisture buildup), various crevices/cracks around the house



American cockroaches are known to feed on fatty and starchy foods. During a period of starvation, they have been observed feeding on other weak or dead insects in the same species including their own kind.


In a lot of ways, American cockroaches are very different from the smaller German ones. They’re much bigger and they like to live in dark areas of houses with lots of cracks where you would never suspect an insect could fit into them. If you want to keep these bugs out of your house then it’s important that all windows shut tightly as well as any doors on garages or basements because this is their favorite place to hide throughout the day until night falls when there aren’t many people around so they can come out again for food!


Signs Of Infestation

If you have an active infestation in your dwelling, there are a few ways to tell. One way is that cockroaches won’t hide unless they feel threatened and will be seen on surfaces near food sources or if their nesting areas have been disturbed. If anything has changed with the cleaner around your home it might also indicate recent activity from them as well since these types of roach can sense changes quickly through smell or sight so make sure not to disturb any piles!


An American cockroach has a few signs that can indicate they are present. One of the first is their droppings; these look like mouse poop. The second sign to check for would be an egg capsule, which looks somewhat similar to rodent eggs and measures about 1/5 inch in length with brown ridges going around it’s body making them appear segmented (similarly shaped as mice).

Egg capsules that are oval in shape and dark brown in color can be found near food or water sources. The female cockroaches stick them wherever they think will provide the best environment for their nymphs to grow up healthy


If you begin noticing either or both of the aforementioned symptoms then please contact Bon Accord Pest Control right away!



Brown Banded Cockroaches


Brown Banded Cockroaches are one of the most common types of cockroach and can grow up to 1.5 cm in length with a brown band that runs across their backs. The wings on both genders aren’t developed enough for them to fly, but males tend to be slightly smaller than females making it easier for them to escape during encounters or fights between genders over territories since they seem bulkier as well. Types of Cockroaches In The UK


Life Cycle

Brown Banded Cockroaches begin their life cycle with an egg capsule containing up to 18 eggs. The length and success of the development depends on the surrounding temperature, which is crucial for survival in warmer climates where it can take as little two months or less before developing into adults that breed all over again.



The Brown Banded Cockroach is one of the most common house roaches. If you see them, it’s a good idea to call an exterminator because they are great at avoiding water and love having access to food sources constantly.



Cockroaches are resilient creatures that can eat anything. They especially like high-starch items, so you might see them on envelopes or books instead of food scraps under the table.

Cockroaches are ultimate survival machines because they can eat almost everything and survive tough conditions such as starvation for a while due to their ability to go into an inactive state known as diapause when necessary. You may find these insects eating wallpaper above all else due to its starch level since cockroach prefer foods with higher starch levels than protein and sugar levels , however they will dine on any scrap available including crumbs by your feet if nothing more appetizing is around

Cockroaches are nocturnal, but they can be active during the day in search of food.


Signs Of Cockroaches – Types of Cockroaches In The UK

Droppings on counters and light fixtures are some signs that can indicate the presence of roaches on your property.


Female cockroaches hide their egg capsules in dark spots such as behind cabinets. This is because the new roach generation will appear there, and they want to keep these young ones away from direct sunlight or heat sources.


How to Prevent a Cockroach Infestation

There are several things to remember when looking for an effective way of removing cockroaches from your property. 

First, eliminate food and water sources by emptying trash bins properly, having no standing water in sinks at all times, and storing food correctly (e.g., avoiding leaving it out on the counter overnight).

Cleaning your house might seem too simple, but it is actually a great way to prevent cockroaches from moving in. Debris and food waste can attract roaches into thinking that you have an ideal living environment for them.

Maintain your property. Roaches like damp conditions, so don’t forget to check your pipes and drains. In addition, it has been a while since you have checked for cracks in your house or apartment walls; some cockroaches might already be planning on expanding their population somewhere behind those cracks!


How To Identify A Cockroach Problem?

Here are some telltale signs that you might have cockroaches in your home:

-Almond scent 

-Dead wormlike egg sacks 

-Transparent larva (caterpillars) 

-“Smeared dark marks” on the walls and floors of kitchens or bathrooms, which can be a liquid secretion from roach glands. They may also indicate their droppings left behind by these insects.

Do you live in one of Britain’s most vermin infested places?


Cockroaches are found everywhere in the world, but they’re particularly problematic in Britain. In 2015 alone there were over 1000 cases of cockroach infestation reported on Southwark Council properties across London


What Are Cockroaches Resistant To?

Cockroaches have developed a resistance to many of the substances that are meant to kill them. This is why store-bought bug spray isn’t very effective against these resilient creatures.


Why do cockroaches avoid pesticides? Types of Cockroaches In The UK

Insects are smart and they can also cultivate behavioural resistance as well. Some insects might detect a repellent, begin to avoid it, then this is where IPM (Integrated Pest Management Strategy) comes in handy for professional exterminators because if you use all these techniques at once such as sanitation modification habitat & physical trapping methods the bugs cannot become resistant towards that particular method when used together.


How To Prevent Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are one of the worst and most revolting pests that can infest a home. They contaminate human food and leave behind disease-causing bacteria, cause allergies and other health problems like bronchitis or even Typhoid.

They also scatter cockroach allergens which further leads to asthma in kids and adults alike. You need to take certain steps to prevent an infestation instead of waiting for them to invade your home before planning how to kill them effectively.

Here are some tips that will help you get rid of roaches:

* Seal up all possible entry points – This is probably the best way to prevent an infestation before it starts. The pesky little critters can make their ways through spaces as tiny as a dime, so you need to seal up all possible entry points. Check for cracks in the walls and floors and patch them up before it is too late. Fix leaky taps and pipes as well because cockroaches are attracted to wet and dark places.

* Keep your kitchen clean – If you want to prevent an infestation then do not leave food or dirty dishes lying around. Clean your kitchen at night after preparing dinner instead of leaving everything overnight. Invest in a good garbage disposal unit so that leftovers are disposed of immediately without attracting any pests. Also, place pet food somewhere that roaches cannot access easily like inside the oven or refrigerator .

*Empty your trash bins – Keep your trash bins clean and free of food to avoid attracting any bugs.

* Use proper storage containers – Food storage helps keep away many unwanted pests including cockroaches. Make sure to store all food in airtight containers so that roaches cannot get access to it.

Make sure to keep your pets’ dishes away from the kitchen floor and inside the oven as well .

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