rat poop

How to tell if rat poop is fresh

How To Tell If Rat Poop Is Fresh

Have you ever wondered how to tell if rat poop is fresh? When rats infest a property, they do a good job of staying hidden and out of sight. You usually won’t see any actual rats until the infestation has grown to the point where they have no option but to venture out during the […]
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What does a rat hole look like

What Does a Rat Hole Look Like? | How to Identify a Rat Hole

The answer to what does a rat hole look like is complicated. Despite being larger than mice, rats are just as agile. They also have strong front teeth that enable them to chew through materials that would easily stop a mouse. But many people are unaware that rats are also very good at digging and […]
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What do rat droppings look like?

What do rat droppings look like? One of the most apparent and surefire signs of a rat infestation is the presence of droppings in a property. However, many people assume rat droppings are similar to those of hamsters and mice, with which more people are familiar. However, rat droppings are quite different from other types […]
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