rat nest

Rats Nest – How Far Do Rats Travel From Their Nest?

So how far do rats travel from their nest? Rats are known to be industrious and clever creatures that are always on the go. They are also nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and roam around at night. The average rat travels about 100 yards from its nest, but it’s not uncommon for them to […]
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How Do You Know If All Rats Are Gone?

So How do you know if rats are gone? There are many signs that can help you figure out if rats have left your home. The first sign to look for is droppings. Rats will leave droppings in their old nest, so if you see droppings in a place where rats have never been before, […]
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I Just Saw a Rat, What Do I Do

If you see a rat in your home or business, you should immediately contact Bon Accord. Even if you can only see a single specimen, you should treat every rat sighting as a potential emergency.
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