What Do Ants Eat?

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. They are omnivores and eat a wide variety of foods. Ants have a complex social structure, with different castes of ants performing different tasks. The queen is the only fertile female ant in the colony, and she lays eggs that develop into larvae. The larvae then go […]
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How to Get Rid of Ants and Keep Ants Out of Your Home

So how to get rid of ants? Ants can be both a nuisance and a blessing. They are nature’s very own clean-up crew and they do quite a good job at removing food if you let them. But ants are not exactly visually appealing and if you have any food or liquid on your surfaces, […]
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Ant Pest Control

Ant Pest Control: 6 Steps to an Ant Free Home

Ant Pest Control all you need to know. Ants are annoying little creatures that seem to appear out of nowhere. If you see one ant, then it means there are thousands of them nearby, marching, gathering, and infesting your home. By finding out the cause of the infestation, you can get rid of the problem […]
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How Do You Kill An Ant Nest Under The House?

So How do you kill an ant nest under the house? There are a number of options when it comes to killing an ant nest under the house. The best option is to call in a pest control professional because they have special equipment and techniques that will result in much less collateral damage than […]
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Ants in The UK

Ants UK. Ants may be something you almost never notice, or perhaps you’re always wondering “Why do I have ants in my house?“. Either way, there are one quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) of these insects on our world—more than a million ants per person. Ants are a common insect in the UK. They are found in gardens, […]
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Types Of Ants In The UK

Types Of Ants In The UK: Common Types Of Ants In The UK. With more than 13 000 ant species around the world, there are only 50 types of ants commonly found throughout the UK. This is due to the cold winter weather and short summers experienced across parts of the British Isles. In this […]
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Get Rid Of Ant Infestation

Get Rid Of Ant Infestation | Ant Removal Experts

How to Get Rid Of Ant Infestation ?   Ant infestation: Ants are one of the most prolific pests that you will have to deal with. They can cause a lot of problems for your home and garden, including invading your house’s food supplies and spreading disease throughout the population in their colony. Ants Sting, […]
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