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Bon Accord provides specialist pest control services to individuals and businesses throughout London. Our pest control technicians have the extensive knowledge and experience required to diagnose and resolve even the most stubborn pest infestations rapidly and comprehensively. We offer services ranging from rodent control, extermination and proofing.

Rodent Control In London

Both of these rodents are synonymous with dirt and disease. Seeing mice or rats around your home can be alarming, especially if you have young children. If someone spots them around your place of business, the impact on your reputation and image can be instantaneous and highly damaging. It can also take a very long time to recover from it.

Anyone who suspects a rodent infestation in their home or business needs to respond proactively and as quickly as possible. If you don’t deal with the issue straight away, it will become more difficult, and more expensive, to clear up later. That’s why it’s essential to call in a professional pest control business like Bon Accord as soon as you discover a rodent infestation.

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What Are The Signs Of A Rodent Infestation?

The most obvious sign of a rodent infestation is the presence of rodents and their droppings. People living in both urban and rural environments may see rodents near their homes for a variety of reasons. In cities, where the density of people and refuse is high, rodents will stick around for the free food. Similarly, in rural environments containing both domesticated and wild animals, there is plenty of grub for opportunistic rodents to gorge themselves on. 

Where rodents are present, so are their droppings. You will generally find these around exposed food and packages, as well as concealed within dark corners within boxed, cupboards, and drawers. Another favourite spot of theirs is under the sink, so check there as well.

Like people, rodents need somewhere to live and sleep. They will build their nests mostly from shredded fabric and paper if it’s available. Otherwise, they will turn to dried plant matter. If you notice that something is gnawing away at these materials in your home, rodents are a likely culprit. Note that rodents aren’t the only pests that do this, so you shouldn’t instantly assume an infestation. 

Rodents will also occasionally tunnel through walls and floors by gnawing through them. The thinner and weaker the material is, the easier it will be for rodents to get through it. If you suspect an infestation, check behind cupboards and furniture to see if there are any tell-tale tunnels.

Why Do Rodent Infestations Occur?

Many people assume that rodent infestations only occur in areas with poor sanitation and hygiene practices. Poor sanitation can undoubtedly bring out any local rodents. It isn’t the only cause of infestations, but it is one of the easiest to deal with.

Food and hospitality businesses need to be extra vigilant about their sanitation and cleanliness. Where there is a higher concentration of people and food, there is a much greater chance of finding rodents. Food and hospitality businesses are more likely to attract rodents and need to be more vigilant about preventing infestations. Maintaining the best highlighting standard possible is essential for keeping rodent infestations at bay. If you thought your guests were fussy about minor lapses in your sanitation and hygiene practices, just wait until you see how they react to seeing mouse or rat droppings.

In cities, you will regularly find rodents in and around the bins outside restaurants and supermarkets that throw away food. It isn’t just businesses that are susceptible to this; residential properties will also attract rodents if they don’t correctly bag and protect their rubbish. Before you take any trash out to put in your bins, ready for collection, make sure that it is bagged and tied securely. If you leave any gaps at all, you can be sure that crafty rodents will find their way in there. 

Bird feeders also attract rodents. If you like hanging bird feeder in your garden, it is worth investing in a rodent-proof version. Good rodent-proof bird feeders will frustrate even the most determined mice and rats. Rodents also need to drink, so you can often find them in and around bird baths as well.

As well as food and water, rodents also need shelter. In the warm summer months, mice and rats will usually be content with nesting in the most hospitable spaces available, indoors or outside. But when winter rolls around and the temperature plummets, they are forced to seek out somewhere warmer. These warmer places are usually inside. If you have any outbuilding or sheds on your property, these are common targets for rodents.

What Can You Do To Prevent Them?

Fortunately, there are several things you can do “rodent control and rodent proofing”  to keep rodents away from your home or business. We have already touched upon the importance of good sanitation and making sure to properly bag and seal any rubbish before you put it in your outside bins. But there are other things you can do to ensure your home and business remain rodent-free.

If you find any holes or tunnels in your walls and floors that you suspect may have been created by rodents, seal them up as soon as you can. If there are doors within your property that leave relatively large gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor, these will do nothing to prevent rodents from wandering through your home. Installing door sweeps on the bottom of your doors will create a barrier that rodents cannot pass through, but will not impede the functioning of the door.

It is also worth considering installing screen vents over any fireplaces in your property. Believe it or not, a rodent can easily make it onto your roof and down a chimney to reach the building below. A simple, cheap screen over the fireplace should be enough to keep them out. Metal screens will be more difficult for them to chew through without you noticing, although they may still try.

Both homes and businesses should consider storing any food and ingredients they have in airtight containers. These are excellent at keeping rodents out and will hide the smells that usually attract them. They are also a great way of generally keeping your food fresher for longer. 

Don’t let garbage or food waste accumulate anywhere inside or outside your home or business. You should be ok to dispose of as much rubbish as you need, provided you remember to always bag and seal it properly. Businesses should consider investing in heavy-duty bins if they are regularly cutting out large amounts of rubbish and food waste. For example, metal bins are much harder for mice and rats to chew through than plastic.

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Why You Need Professional Pest Control

Putting traps down around your home might help you to pick off rodents one by one, but they can reproduce at a surprising rate. It takes a long time to get rid of an extensive infestation in this way. If you have young children and pets in your property, mousetraps can present a hazard. 

You can use humane mouse traps instead, but if they are always being disturbed by animals or children, they won’t be effective.

As a professional pest control business, Bon Accord has access to the necessary tools and experience to cure your rodent infestation as efficiently as possible. We will target the source of the infestation instead of treating the symptoms.

Using a professional test control service might be more expensive than trying to solve the issue yourself. But given that we are guaranteed to achieve success in as short a time as possible, it can work out much more cost-efficient to call us in the end. You can save yourself considerable time and energy by contacting us as soon as the problem becomes apparent and allowing us to diagnose and treat the infestation.

Bon Accord provides specialist pest control services to individuals and businesses throughout London.We offer services ranging from rodent control, extermination and proofing.

How Can Bon Accord Help You?

Our pest control experts will be able to tell you very quickly whether you have a rodent infestation or not. Once we have confirmed the presence of rodents on your property, we will then assess the best course of action. If you are lucky and you contact us early, you might be able to get rid of the rodent by making a few simple adjustments, such as rethinking the way that you are disposing of your rubbish. However, if the rodents have already built a nest and are settling in for the long haul, removing them is a more tricky process. 

No matter how extensive the infestation might be, our pest control specialists are guaranteed to be able to help. No job is too big or too large, and our expert technicians have the necessary experience to diagnose an infestation rapidly and get to work straight away. Once we have identified the source of your infestation, we will also provide you with the advice and guidance you need to keep your property free from rodents in the future.

We have successfully helped numerous homes and businesses to rid themselves of rodent infestations of all sizes. If you suspect an infestation in your property, contact us today to arrange an assessment and a quote for our services.

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