How long does it take for a rat to decompose?kind of cheese do rats like?

Scolopendra Gigantea v Brown Rat, who wins?

So Scolopendra Gigantea v Brown Rat, who wins?

Well we can’t say for sure, but we’re going to find out either way….

Here is our Scolopendra gigantea , with his brother and sister…..they are about an inch long each leg……It doesn’t sound like much does it? But they get bigger than this by the time they reach adulthood…and their legs keep on growing…..

And here is a brown rat, who is said to be uber intelligent and highly adaptable:

I think that if I had these two raging beasts in my flat then it would be difficult to decide who I would side with. A battle royal between the two would probably be too close to call. However, there was no battle royal, instead ScolopendraGigantea ate the rat.

Scolopendra Gigantea is THE ultimate killer of rats…..and other rodents. In fact, it could be argued that Scolopendra Gigantea would wipe out most life forms in your house if you left them to populate for a few weeks……

I have kept hundreds of these little beasts and they kill mice effortlessly. They can get quite big, so I reckon a rat would be child’s play……..

But beware….they have been known to attack children too… this horrific tale from India tells us: “Killing two persons, a large centipede has taken shelter under the roof of a house in Udayagiri area here, police said on Wednesday. A man and his four-year-old daughter were bitten by the venomous insect which later died, police said. The man and the girl were admitted to a government hospital where their condition was stated to be serious.”

Scolopendra Gigantea v Brown Rat, who wins?

(The thought of being attacked by this monster puts me off going camping!)

Scolopendra Gigantea doesn’t just kill mice… eats them too:

I know that Scolopendra can get big, but you have to admit that the reddish beast in the photo looks pretty massive. Here is how I keep my scolopendras :

They are easy beasts to keep and they breed well….even if you don’t feed them for a few weeks they will still breed because there is little else for them to feed on (apart from any other unfortunate insects that wander into their lair).

I can’t believe I am saying this, but these beasts scare me…but one thing is certain….brown rats are no match for the Scolopendra Gigantea ……

Anyone else got a scolopendra to keep? Send us your photos! We want to show the world how big they get…..and how much they eat… out mice!

And here’s some more under threat of yet another deadly predator……….the scorpion…….who would you plump for if you had to choose between scorpion and centipede? I think it would be too close to call

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