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Rat vs Mouse

Do you have a mouse or rat problem? What is the difference between a rat and a mouse? Learn what to look for when identifying the type of animal causing issues in your home.

Rat And Mouse Differences

The two most common types of rodents found in homes are rats and mice,most people want to know; is it a rat or a mouse?

They both have many similarities, but when you know the difference between them they become easier to identify for yourself!

It is important for people in the know to be able to distinguish between a mouse and rat. Mice are smaller than rats, but they can still damage property if left unchecked!

What is a rodent? Rat vs Mouse

A rodent is any member of the order Rodentia. These mammals typically have teeth that constantly grow and they lack canines, which are seen in many other types of omnivorous animals (carnivores). There are over 40 different families within this category including rats/mice;squirrels or hamsters to name a few!

What are the differences between a mouse and rat?


It’s important to know what type of animal you’re dealing with if someone comes in contact with it. A typical houseMouse is usually gray or brown while Rats can range from black up through white, depending on their species – they also have longer tails!


When it comes to distinguishing between a rat and mouse, the size difference is one of many factors. Brown rats tend to be much larger than their smaller counterparts with thick bodies that can span up 8-10 inches in length; mice only range 4-6 centimeters long for an adult male or female respectively (not counting tail). Mice also have broader feet while adulthood onset usually precedes this trait by about 1 month post natal development when compared against young ones – another way you might know if you’re catching sight of some youthful vermin!

  • Size 10-20cm
  • Weight 12-30g
  • Tail is 5-10cm
  • Size 15-27cm
  • Weight 200-300g
  • Tail is 10-24cm

What is the difference between rat and mouse droppings?

Ranging in size from 1.2 to 1.9 cm, rat droppings tend to be extremely shiny and pointy while mouse ones are smaller with rounded ends (they may also have dark grains of rice-like appearance). Mice excrete soft poop that’s about 8 mm long compared to the more pointed shape for rats’ gooey waste products 

Rodents carry diseases that may be spread through their droppings. You should wear gloves and a mask when inspecting for these pathogens, as the germs can become airborne in some cases! So don’t forget to wash your hands after examining any evidence of pest activity- even if it doesn’t seem dirty at first glance.

What Do Mouse Droppings Look Like?

It can be difficult to tell mouse droppings from rats or other pest’s, but size is a key difference. Mouse poop generally measures 4-5 millimeters long and tapers at both ends; it might resemble dark grains of rice.

 The best way I found for determining age was by taking samples away before reinserting them after 24 hours – if there are new piles then you have an infestation!

How to Get Rid of Mouse Droppings?

To get rid of mouse droppings, the first thing you want to do is remove any mice that might be causing them. You can clean up their messes but if there’s still one around and new ones are sure to come in because it won’t stop at just being Mice – “mouse” words could mean anything from rats or guinea pigs too!

 We recommend having an expert take care of these pests so they don’t spoil your home with more than unwanted guests who make a living off human food sources like crumbs left behind on countertops; this will save both time and money over trying DIY solutions which often fail miserably when dealing with large colonies


If mice droppings keep appearing in your home despite your best efforts to keep those crafty critters out, or if you want help from a professional from the start, contact the professionals at Bon Accord. Get started with a free inspection from a trained technician.

How do rats behave differently from your average house mouse?

Mice are small rodents that love to feed on cereals, fruits and seeds. Brown rats on the other hand prefer grains as their main source of food but will also eat nuts or meat if given a chance!

Rats are widely known as neophobic rodents, but the reaction to new objects is of a different type. For example: if you place an object (like food) near them and watch their behaviour carefully they will avoid it for days on end or even weeks! While this is true with most rats however London-based ones tend be much more fearful than others; This can make catching these furry creatures difficult because some may approach traps cautiously while other stay far away from anything dangerous looking like one might expect

Mice on the other hand generally don’t react so negatively when something unusual happens around then–they often investigate any strange sight curiously without fear which makes trapping easier.

Rat behaviour is different from that of mice, with one key difference being their drinking needs. Mice don’t require water to survive; however if it’s available they’ll drink only 3ml per day while rats need 60 ml for hydration purposes making them more reliant on finding sources in the wild than smaller mammals like you might think!

A rat’s need for water will often find them living closer to the nearest body of liquid.  One way that they can get their hands on this precious commodity is by accessing through sewers, which if not dealt with quickly could cause costly damage in your home – like when you’re paying months worth on an repairs bill because one pesky sewer got into our foundation and ate away at leads before ending up inside my mommy-daughter tiled bathroom! They’re also fantastic climbers so expect these little critters populating attics, walls or under floorboards as well; plus some people think it looks cute cuddling alongside kids while dining…but I’m here today say: forget all those myths

The Differences: Rats and Mice

Health problems caused by rats and mice

Health problems caused by rats and mice are a very serious problem in many parts of the world. These animals can carry diseases like salmonella, peste fuliginosa (a type of typhus), toxoplasma gondii-an organism related to microscopicParasites which cause human illnesses such as schizophrenia spectrum disorder. They also leave behind waste products that may lead you astray when following their urine trails back home, causing illness or even death.

These health concerns include:

  • Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia

Rodents can pass on these diseases in the following ways:

  • Contaminating food and drink
  • Being bitten by a rat or mouse
  • Rodent urine
  • Faeces
  • Breathing airborne diseases

Breeding differences between rats vs mice

The brown rat has a breeding population that covers the entire year, leading to an initial sighting of these pests being significant. In total there can be up to five litters by female rats in one year and can be as large as (6-12) rats.

 They all become sexually mature by 5 weeks before producing their own young! This proves how infestation growth might happen quickly if we are not careful about our cleanup efforts. A shocking statistic taken from is that one pair of breeding rats can produce 15,000 pups in one year alone.

The mouse is a much more prolific species of animal, producing up to 12 litters per year and having four or five young in each. They only become sexually active after six weeks old which means that it’s very difficult for those who would like to control them as they often breed all throughout the year round without interruption from predators outside their environment (excepting birds).

Next step

If you’ve had rodents in your home, you should now be able to know the differences between a rat and a mouse. The best way to get rid of rats and mice is by contacting a professional pest control company.

 Performing this task yourself can be difficult because they have different behaviours that make catching them hard for an individual who does not know how-to handle their problem with authority, but luckily there are services available where someone else will take care of it all off your shoulders!

Bon Accord is the pest control company Londoners have been relying on for years. We’ve performed mouse and rat control, helping homeowners avoid terrible diseases these rodents carry without fail! 

You can contact us by phone at 020 3369 6965 to talk through some advice and options with one of our experts who are always happy to help out. 

The team at Bon Accord will make sure that you get the help your home needs. Whether it’s droppings from pesky mice or something more serious, we have a solution for every problem! Contact us today to schedule an inspection and find out how much our services are going to cost 

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