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Pest control near me

The rat is one of the most long-standing and vilified pests, with history dating back to biblical times. Rats have been responsible for spreading disease, damaging food supplies and even death. While they may be difficult to eradicate completely, rat control can help reduce rat problems in an area.

A pest controller from London’s Bon Accord Pest Control will explain how rat control methods vary depending on the type of rat involved and whether rat eradication is needed or simply long term rat control measures that will reduce rat numbers over time.

There are several ways that homeowners can tackle a rat infestation themselves – but professional pest controllers know these rodents better than anyone and will be able to offer tried and tested advice on tackling your specific rat problem effectively.First of all, rat control will normally involve rat exclusion – rat proofing your home or business so rats cannot get inside to start with. This may also involve rat trapping outside where you are seeing signs of rat activity.

Rats tend to live in specific places and rarely stray far from their nests, so they tend to be found close to home. A rat infestation that has not yet reached pest control proportions will often only require the proofing of exterior building areas with mesh wiring over drains and holes where they can enter

The professional pest controller at Bon Accord Pest Control will talk about how rat control measures vary depending on the type of rat involved and whether rat eradication is needed or simply long term rat control measures that reduce


Rat pest control near me

Finding the right type of rat rodent trap will depend on where you are seeing signs of rat activity. Professional pest controllers from Bon Accord Pest Control in London offer a great variety to suit different locations and needs. Rats can live in sewers, so if your problem is a sewer rat infestation you may need a special type of trap to get rid of rats this way without harming them or yourself – these traps should never be put into the water as they could drown any trapped rats. For outdoor trapping where there is evidence of rat burrowing around drains etc., snap traps could be appropriate – however, always consult a professional rat pest controller to ensure you choose the right rat trap and rat control method for your property and rat problem. Rat control can be long-term rat control or rat eradication, depending on whether rat numbers need to be reduced completely from an area.

Rat proofing is often a necessary first step of rat control – making your home or business less favourable to rats so they will seek out somewhere else to live. Professional pest controllers from Bon Accord Pest Control in London can advise on what types of rat proofing would be suitable for different properties. For large warehouses with lots of open space and few people, one option might be rat poison bait boxes which will slowly reduce rat numbers over time and provide more permanent results than some other types of rat control. rat control near me

Alternatively rat proofing could be rat fencing for rat proofing around the outside of homes – simply placing rat mesh wiring over drains and holes where rats can get in will mean you can rat proof your home without rat poison or traps which might not be safe to use. This method won’t work if your problem is with sewer rats, however, but it would provide long-term rat control in other situations.

Rat extermination will involve killing all the rats that are likely to live on your property at any given time – although this may not be possible in some cases, especially for large commercial businesses with small staff numbers or properties like warehouses with large open spaces. Rat extermination would involve rat poison bait boxes inside buildings if they are rat proofed rat extermination may involve rat poison bait boxes outside, rat traps or rat control trapping methods depending on where you are seeing signs of rat activity.

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