Pest Control Kensington SW7

Pest Control Kensington SW7

Pest Control Kensington SW7! You will find pests throughout London. Nowhere in the capital is entirely free of the rodents, birds, and insects that cause so much trouble for people and property, even upmarket districts like Kensington. In fact, Kensington is one of London’s most densely populated areas, making it even more susceptible to pest infestations than most places. 

SW7 may be one of London’s most exclusive postcodes, but upmarket housing and prime shopping outlets don’t do anything to deter pests. In amongst the world-renowned museums and award-winning bars and restaurants, you will find the same pests that affect the rest of the capital.

Pest Control Kensington SW7

Providing pest control services in Kensington can be more complicated than it is in other areas of the capital. Thanks to the relatively high number of listed buildings and other old, delicate structures here, pest control technicians need to be careful about the treatments and techniques they employ when dealing with an infestation. 

Anyone can come into a property and start spraying insecticide around; they might even be able to take out the majority of the live specimens present. But this will rarely be enough to eliminate an infestation completely. Worse still, it could cause irreparable damage to fixtures, furniture, and other property.

The unique character of Kensington’s properties requires a professional and experienced hand to choose and administer the appropriate treatment. Bon Accord’s pest control technicians have experience clearing infestations in the most delicate of situations. We have removed pests from museums, listed buildings, and businesses of every conceivable type. We are proud to say that every job has been a complete success, and our client’s most precious valuables have remained unscathed.

Why Choose Bon Accord pest control?

Bon Accord has a stellar reputation for providing reliable pest control services quickly and without fuss. After we visit your property, we guarantee that it will remain pest free. In the unlikely event that you do experience a recurrence after we leave, we will return to fix the problem for free. The British Pest Control Association has certified all our technicians; their seal of approval lets you know that you can trust our experts to handle even the most deeply-entrenched infestation.

After you contact Bon Accord, we will arrange a time to come and make an initial assessment. During this assessment, we will confirm the precise nature of the problem. We will also ascertain how and why pests have moved in and the best way of removing them. 

After discussing potential treatment options, we will then work with you to agree on a treatment plan. Every property and infestation is different; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our technicians will discuss each treatment option’s pros and cons or explain to you why a particular method is required.

In some cases, we will need to administer multiple treatments over several sessions. For example, a clothes moth infestation will require at least three treatments spread two weeks apart. Otherwise, they will leave behind eggs and larvae, and the cycle will continue. If this is the case, we will let you know before we begin.

Once we are confident the treatment has been successful, our technicians will advise you on what you can do to prevent future outbreaks. This invaluable advice is an integral part of the service and something that many of our competitors fail to provide. Getting rid of a pest infestation is no good if we don’t help you to address the underlying reasons for their presence.

Pest Control in SW7

We understand the importance of discretion when dealing with a pest infestation. Kensington is one of London’s most exclusive districts; you don’t want everyone to know that a pest infestation has impacted your home or business. We don’t restrict our services to office hours; we’re happy to dispatch a technician at a time of your choosing.

If the infestation is in your business, we can come in and do everything we need to while the premises are empty. There’s no need to alert staff and customers; we enable you to keep the circle as small as possible.

If you suspect a pest infestation in your Kensington property, contact Bon Accord immediately. No infestation is too much for our team; we guarantee success regardless of the circumstances. 

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