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In the UK alone pest control costs an estimated £1.2 billion a year, and even though many of us feel as though we have a good idea as to what causes this to happen, it still comes as quite a shock that wasps could actually be responsible for up to £100 million of those costs . It’s also been recorded that problems with rats, mice and cockroaches together cost another £400 million to deal with annually – which is a great reason why pest control should always be taken seriously.

Pest control has become a necessary form of pest prevention. Pests pose serious threats to the safety and well-being of people, as well as other living creatures.

The pest control services in London we provide are useful for both commercial and residential properties. Getting pest problems taken care of is an important priority for everyone, since pests can cause damage to homes, businesses, brand value, etc.

Pest control  UK

Many pest infestation cases go unreported because pest infestation is often not immediately apparent – pest sightings tend to be discovered by chance or only after a significant amount of time has passed. This means that there can frequently be a major pest problem going on without anyone’s knowledge – several small infestations could have happened over the course of weeks or months before anyone realises what is happening.

As pest sightings are common, pest control companies are frequently called in to deal with pest infestations that customers have spotted in their own homes or businesses, but sometimes pest problems are picked up by pest inspectors. Pest inspections are carried out by pest control experts who know how to look for the signs of pest infestation. A nest could be under a rock or covered in grass – certain types of pest tend to hide during the day and come out at night while other types will do exactly the opposite. With weather conditions having an effect on these nocturnal creatures, it can be hard to spot them even if you’re looking for them!

Pests tend to create nests either inside buildings themselves or within very close proximity to the building.

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Even so, if you live in London or any other major city around the country (or world) there’s no doubt about it; most people will come across rodents at some point. What’s most shocking is that around 1 out of every 3 people in the UK claim they’ve had to deal with rats at their property, and it’s also been reported that there are around 80 million mice in the country.

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Of course, not all these cases require serious treatment or intervention; but if you believe any problems like this could be affecting your property it’s always best to take immediate action. Not only would this help reduce bacteria levels on your property, but many companies who specialize in pest control London – such as Bon Accord pest control London – will offer additional services which might just prove invaluable to homeowners across the city.

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If you’re looking for ways on how to get rid of mice then it’s always best to hire an expert like Bon Accord who can find the source of the infestation and stop it completely. This way you not only get rid of pesky mice but also avoid any further damage they might cause; which means you’ll be able to use your property how it was intended without interruption.

If you’ve been looking at pest control prices in London then make sure you give us a call as soon as possible! Visit our website today or call now. That’s why we’re providing our clients reliable information related to Emergency Pest Control

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If you want to avoid pest problems in your home or commercial property, it’s not always as easy as buying some pest deterrents for the area. This is because mice are capable of squeezing through an opening which is less than 1cm squared – so if there are holes leading into your property then that could be where they’re getting in. The other case about rodents is that they can climb up just about anything, which means they can also move around all kinds of different surfaces, even ceilings and roofs .

This simply highlights just how important pest control should really be considered by people across London and other major cities – whether it’s to help with mice problems or typically larger pests like wasps.


What is rat control ?

Rat control is a process of getting rid of rats on one’s property, whether it’s in the house or outside, for good. Rats pose many problems, especially when they invade homes; they can contaminate food supplies with their urine, droppings and saliva; they chew electrical wires causing short-circuits that lead to fires, spread diseases with germs present in their fur and bite humans inflicting wounds that are prone to infection. Rat control therefore involves the elimination of all rodents, including their nests and burrows, from houses or any other buildings.

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Outside buildings, rat control means preventing them from invading homes by keeping the surroundings clean and taking precautions like keeping food supplies covered and away from reach, avoiding leaving open trash bins for extended periods of time which might attract them, blocking off possible entry points to keep them out, setting up traps or protecting building foundations with wire mesh screens to avoid burrowing into them using methods such as liquid repellents that can be applied on walls . Pest control in UK

Karin HarndenKarin Harnden
17:14 05 May 24
We thought we had bedbugs but could find no evidence apart from what we thought were bites. I called Bon Accord and Gabriel was there within a couple of hours. He told us we had carpet beetle. Finding the evidence and showing us photos of the skin reaction which was exactly what we had. He advised and returned at a time to suit us to spray which was done thoroughly and efficiently. No sign of the little critters returning. Thank you Gabriel.
Luiza LoboLuiza Lobo
21:02 11 Apr 24
Gabriel went above and beyond. He is extremely knowledgable and very efficient at what he does. The results were outstanding. Nothing is too much for him. Delighted with his professionalism and work.
sam zsam z
19:11 03 Apr 24
Top-notched pest control service!! Went above and beyond to eradicate the rats from our property. Gabriel even offered to further investigate the infestation issues for our neighbours. We found him to be extremely professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend Gabriel to anyone in need of pest control.
23:29 02 Apr 24
Gabriel provided great service , responded quickly on an emergency for pest infestation, professional and friendly. No more pests at home.
Felicity GrayFelicity Gray
21:53 02 Apr 24
Gabriel was absolutely wonderful, a real life saver when I found a mouse by my bed at 10pm. He came in less than an hour and was able to catch the mouse and put my mind at rest so I could go to sleep! Highly recommend, fab service and lovely people.
Med KashaniMed Kashani
10:54 24 Feb 24
Gabriel turned up with an hours notice one evening and immediately identified the issued. He works efficiently and professionally throughout with timely follow-ups to ensure the problem was resolved. Once completed he was kind enough to continue to check in to see that the issue had gone. Having had Rentokil previously that spent two years doing very little this was a complete breathe of fresh air and solved the problem in less than two weeks. We are grateful and would highly recommend his services.
Nesma TalaatNesma Talaat
20:26 20 Feb 24
We were lucky to have found Bon Accord, they responded very fast to our request and Gabriel was very helpful and informative. He made several visits and did his absolute best until the mice problem we had was gone. Highly recommended.

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