Pest Control For Schools

Pest Control For Schools

Pest Control For Schools

Pest Control For Schools! A school is like any other business or institution when it comes to pests; an infestation can be devastating to their reputation. If you suspect a pest outbreak in your school, it is essential that you act fast to treat the problem.

Why Every School Should Be Pest-Free  – Pest Control For Schools

It doesn’t matter how old the students are, whether it’s a junior, primary, or secondary school; every educational institution should be a pest-free environment. For a school to operate to the highest standards possible, staff and students need to feel safe and teach and learn in a healthy environment. Neither of those is possible in a pest-infested school. Even a minor pest infestation can cause disruption and distress, and they can quickly snowball into something far more difficult to deal with.

A pest outbreak in any business or institution can be a reputational disaster. At Bon Accord, we understand the importance of a discrete pest control service. Discretion means keeping a low profile. But keeping a low profile shouldn’t mean that the quality of the work suffers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a comprehensive pest control service without anyone knowing we are there. Schools are very different environments to businesses, but reputation is just as crucial to a school as any business.

No matter how large or small your infestation might be, Bon Accord can discreetly and effectively handle any pest problem. We offer both one-off treatments and ongoing arrangements. If you opt for our ongoing service, we will ensure your school premises remain free from pests all year round. Regular checks of traps and bait enable us to replace them as soon as it is necessary. We can come in and do what we need to do out of hours, so there is no disruption to your school’s day-to-day functioning or any awkward questions from parents and visitors.

Bon Accord has experience clearing a range of educational establishments of their pest problems. Every school is different. We will tailor our advice and treatments to your individual circumstances. 

Common Pests In Schools

The majority of pests in schools are there because there is plenty of free food available. Schools keep their kitchens well-stocked throughout the year. If rodents can access pantries and kitchens, they will sniff out any food accessible to them.

Most schools in the UK teach hundreds of pupils every day. With so many children on the premises, it’s hardly surprising that most school days end with an abundance of litter and other food detritus covering playgrounds, classrooms, and dining halls. No matter how diligent your caretakers are, staying on top of all that mess is challenging. After hours, you can be sure that scavenging birds, rodents, and other pests will be picking their way through whatever food scraps are left.

Wasps and bees are also common pests on school premises. These insects don’t pose a serious threat to human health – unless you are allergic to their stings, of course – but they can be a real nuisance. Nests and hives can also be problematic, especially if someone accidentally disturbs them.

Finally, there are the children themselves. Or rather, the pests that latch onto them. If a child has bedbugs or fleas in their home, they can easily bring them into school without realising it. These pests can establish themselves in a new environment with impressive efficiency.

Professional Pest Control For Schools

If you suspect a pest infestation is taking root within your school, time is of the essence. If you deal with a pest outbreak at the first opportunity, any treatment is considerably more likely to succeed. On the other hand, if pests have time to build their nest and access to sufficient food, they can reproduce exponentially. A breeding pair of mice, for example, can potentially produce thousands of offspring in a year. The only limiting factor is their access to food and shelter.

There are plenty of DIY pest treatments on the market, but most of these will only take care of the adult specimens. The more insidious problem is the eggs and larvae that are left behind. You can kill all the mature pests, but if you don’t remove the eggs and larvae, you will see a resurgence before long.

Bon Accord’s BPCA-certified pest control experts understand how to balance the need for discretion with the need for a robust treatment. In our experience, the best way of achieving this is for our technicians to come in after-hours and apply the most comprehensive treatment option available.

Contact Bon Accord today to arrange an initial assessment of your school so we can get the ball rolling on clearing up your pest infestation as soon as possible. The sooner you act, the easier and cheaper it will be to restore your school to being a pest-free environment.


We understand the importance of pest control in your organisation, as well as the economic and practical difficulties a pest infestation may cause.

We also recognize the financial risks you may encounter if your business is infested by a pest, such as missed revenue. For these reasons, it’s critical to have an effective pest management strategy in place at all times.

We provide a full range of comprehensive pest management services to all market sectors, which you may discover more about on the commercial page.

We are able to provide smart pest control services through the use of cutting-edge technology. Drones, Steam Technology, Heat Treatments, Spotta smart bed bug monitoring, smart traps, and specialised teams to carry out proofing services. are among the technologies we employ to deliver efficient pest control.

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